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Nov 16, 2014
Feb 23, 2014
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London, UK
Student ... kind of.


Fapstronaut, from London, UK

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Nov 16, 2014
    1. Administrator Account
      Administrator Account
      Haven't seen you in a while!
    2. greatconquerer
      Hii. seeingu online for 1st time..
    3. JohnnyTheFox
      Thanks Jakob, I really appreciate that buddy :)
    4. bellevuefreak

      I haven't posted much on this site but i have read a lot of your posts and replies and i want to tell you how much i appreciate you.

      I appreciate you honesty with yourself and others. I appreciate your kindness and empathy for others. I appreciate your caring of all of us.

      I consider you a source of strength and while i really don't know you, i am honored to know you.

      I look up to you even when it's tough for you. Keep you chin up and your head up high.

      Your brother,

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    London, UK
    Student ... kind of.
    We all have our demons. We all have our reasons for being here, and our reasons for doing what we do. But the more stories I read on here, the more I understand about myself and the more I realise that it doesn't matter what's happened in the past. What's done is done, we have no control over how we or those around us have acted. What we do control are our actions today, and the choices we will come to make. I'm exactly the same person whether you know my past or not (that's not as ominous as it sounds), and I'm here like everyone else to give myself a chance at having a better a life. But if you do want to know my story and you think you have an open-mind, feel free to message me, I'm happy to talk with anyone and always appreciate a good chat :)

    Xbox, Netflix (is that a hobby?), football, playing guitar!