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  1. TheRevenant
    Mind is a deceiver! You know it's beneficial, that's why you're here!
    Jun 27, 2022
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  2. IGY
    NO BRO! You are getting closer to reboot! So boot and reboot those dopamine-junkie thoughts away. You will reach 5 months next week. You are doing fantastically well buddy! :)
    Jun 27, 2022
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  3. iamShinra
    Take a Pen and a Paper, Look back at every single relapse and write down how did you felt before relapsing and after relapsing. Don't try to suppress the emotions and feelings that appear in yo mind instead welcome them and analyse what they are trying to say. There's absolutely no reason to go back buddy, Stay Strong, Keep Improving!
    Jun 29, 2022
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  4. IGY
    Jun 29, 2022
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