127 Day Special Challenge; Last man standing

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  1. Why 127 days? you may ask. So, here's the thing; my birthday falls on 20th September, exactly 127 days from today. More than for anyone else, it's a challenge for me to stay clean till then and hopefully even after that. So, it'll be awesome to align and compete with other fighters fighting the same fight as me.
    Rules are simple:
    1.No PMO for 127 days straight, starting from 16th May, 2019.
    2. Doesn't matter if you are already holding a streak or have relapsed in the past, the counting of days only start from 16th May onwards.
    3. Inactivity is not much of an issue, but you are required to check in here atleast once in a month and also update your status if you have relapsed.
    Can you do this? Do you have what it takes? Or are you just a retard with no self control who just partakes in challenges and fails them all... Doesn't matter. There's no harm in trying and failing one more time.
    You have remainder of 16th May,2019 to check in here. No entries after that will be accepted.
    1. @Greene
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  2. So, nobody joined. No worries. It's going to be a solo challenge and I must not fail myself.
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  3. Day 4/127. Been getting extreme urges lately. I must not fail myself.
  4. Day 7/127. A week is about to end. It's awesome.
  5. Due to my sudden relapse, I am going back to day 0.
    Day 0/127.

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