15. Got no friends.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by strongminded33, Dec 21, 2020.

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    Im a 15 yr old boy got no friends and nothing do with my life. everyday i wake up its the same shit. And quarantine makes this hard. After i relapse i feel tired and upset at myself. I have no body to tell about this nobody in my family knows i have this addiction. I have literally no friends. And cant leave the house because of lockdown and im grounded too. I watch porn everyday and i just dont know what to do.
  2. How do you feel thinking about not having people in your life to think of as friends? Does it make you feel lonely, or do you feel that you're actually quite happy with your own company?

    How do you find initial conversations with people and trying to build that initial relationship? If you feel it's made difficult by low self esteem/confidence, have you considered looking at how you might increase it through self help work, like youtube videos etc? Organisations such as Mind, if you're in the UK can help with that too, even if just through their website for now.

    Can you set goals I'm terms of managing any problems with pmo. I.e. start going every couple of days rather than every day,then build that up to more regularly going without, and replacing it with something more beneficial to you?

    You might not see this as particularly helpful, but to get anywhere, you really have to start by helping yourself.

    Appreciate the lockdowns arent helping, but had you considered joing any clubs etc beforehand to meet people? Anything you're happy to do on your own, like swimming or running just to get out and be doing stuff with your time? Do you have a part time job?

    Some of that might not be relevant to you, but I hope it helps.

    Take care.
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    My Journal
    when i was teenager i made the most friends but activivty i was always active , i play sports everyday, basket ball, hockey volley ball i played everything, an the other kids would frequent the courts with me an we just play an talk about random stuff, we are out side creatures sit inside all day you well die inside, playing silly video games all day makes you unfit physically an mentally if your a gamer, after your grounded get out there dude, i was ground thousand times at home an in dentention in school another thousand times :D
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    I have the same problem. 18 yr old No friends. Lonely talk. Sometimes i push my self to happy or full fil my loneliness.i usually am watching movies and talk with them lonely ,doing some workouts it will help u

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