2 weeks in, not very hungry.

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Faptain_Harris, May 15, 2017.

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    So technically I'm 16 days in, a little over 2 weeks. I've been noticing something.

    Could be coincidental of course, but I haven't really been eating that much. I'm not depressed, I feel great actually, and I haven't been consciously starving myself, but it's almost like I'm satiated more easily.

    For example, I was a gamer that stereotypically shoveled in Doritos and Mtn Dew into my face, and I would eat until I was almost in pain from being full. But tonight I ate a small beef patty and about half of a baked potato. I felt nourished. I didn't really stop myself, I just didn't WANT anymore.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm not really complaining, and I've googled the subject and some people say that having an orgasm takes a lot out of us, so maybe constant hunger was because the body was constantly trying to replenish a perpetually empty T and sperm supply.

    Others say that the dopamine spike we get from fapping is in the same pleasure/reward system as the eating dopamine spike, so maybe when I cut out one, it decreased the desire for the other.

    What does everyone think?
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    That friend, I currently clean 15 days, after many falls that I had since I started my rebootingo, same has happened to me, only now I am adopting new habits and try to be more organized. To me what happens to me is mostly emotional I am very emotionally affected by things and I currently have a girlfriend with whom I have not had sexual contact although I have been with her for 2 years and that is why I also get a lot of anxiety because I do not know if I am sexually attracted to her To her, but I hope that when I can cleanse myself a little of this bad addiction I can have sexual contact with her for the first time, congratulations for your progress, a strong hug from Mexico.

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