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    I know that it is not the end, but I succeeded to quit porn for 22 days till now. I have been struggling in porn for years and I could not stop for more than 1 week. Today I have been off porn and masturbation for 22 days. My big goal is to reach 90-days without porn and then stop completely. I made some small goals as steps in my recovery journey, so I started with 7 days, 14, 21, my next goal is 30 days and so on. I hope I could continue that way and quit porn completely as it has been destroying all my life and now I feel much more better than before.
  2. Congratulations on 22 days. Sometimes setting shorter goals as you have can help. Keep up the good work.
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    Hey mate congratulations on hitting 23 days, keep fighting off the urges! The longer you go without PMO the less you tend to think about it. Keep up the good work!
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