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    Hello everyone I am a 24 year old male and have been using porn for 13 years. ~10 days ago I tried to start my NoFap journey. I never wrote a post because every time I did I had so much to say. I'm going to keep this post short and sweet and find the proper thread to really open up. I really want to find the strength and motivation to overcome my addiction, which is why I am finally posting now.

    Long story short, I have watched porn for over half my life and kept a secret from everyone. Throughout my 13 years I found new ways to turn myself on and feel a really excellent high, while also keeping a secret and hiding my tracks. I went from watching porn on websites to manipulating girls to sending me nude pictures to stalking girls I met on social media. My actions have lead me to masturbating to photos and videos of my friends, family, and colleagues and they have had a significant affect on the relationships and interactions I have with them.

    My last relationship ended after I tried to open up to my S/O about this because I wanted help and after a year I believed she could help me gain the strength. Instead I was left with a scar that gave me guilt every time I masturbated which only made my issue worse. At the start of 2018 I made it my new years resolution to go the entire year without masturbating. I made it 40 days, during this time I found a youtube about NoFap and that helped me last that long. At the end I started to watch porn again and convinced myself I had control. Once I got my first job out of college in April I began trying to stop masturbating again and after a series of making 3 - 5 days every so often, I finally decided I can't do it by myself. I trust the NoFap community will be able to provide me the support I need to find my own strength and help me reach my goal.

    I want to go 90 days without masturbating and watching porn for my reboot!
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    Hey fluffyAmy
    You haven't any replies to your post yet so I'm saying hi and I'm encouraged by your honesty and determination to do something positive!
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    Hi fluffyamy I hadn't noticed you had posted on here the same day as me but I am the same age as you and judging by what you have said I probably started looking at porn at around the same time too (though I've never been in a relationship myself I have certainly browsed social media profiles of people I know so I can definitely relate to that but hopefully we are both here to do something positive) :)
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