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250+ days completed. Benefits of Semen Retention. We all CAN. I'm one of you all.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Cool_Bro, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    Hello to all my Brothers and Sisters !
    It's been over 1 year since I started Nofap. I reached the 250 days mark for the first time. I can't express my feelings in words, It's definitely far far better than that two seconds pleasure. I will continue the post with my story before Nofap.

    I am 19 years old now. From what I recall , I first encountered some nude pics in 2013-14 and thought in my mind 'What was that I just saw ?' It was a mixed feeling of excitement, happiness , scariness at the same time.I was a kid back then, I didn't know what P and M is , at that time.Since then , I continued to look at the same and then first saw a P site in 2015 and starts PMOing...In the past 3-4 years, I think I masturbated sometimes daily or atleast four times a week. All other things in my life continued to be the same but there a was always a shame and fear in me that I am doing something very wrong.I continued to PMO everytime when I was supposed to do other important work . I started to postpone crucial tasks. I faced a lot shame in my own eyes. There was a clear downfall in my routine, my sleep , my study , my social activites and all due to PMO.I felt extreme anger in me everytime for no reason and my confidence and willingness to do any work fall down inncreasingly. This year , I saw some videos on P addiction, it's harmful results.Then I came to know about NOFAP and decided to join the community in May,2018. My first streak was of 3 days, then 7, then 8 but After that I again fall into the clutches of P and relapsed many times.. During first 90 days, I relapsed on almost 20 days on which I PMO 30-40 times i.e I masturbated two times on the day of relapse.I have tried many methods but failed many a times. What I gathered from failing again and again is that, you always relapsed willingly. If you do not want to, then You must NOT and have to control your mind and your actions.
    I am posting some poisonous effects which I have faced during early days of starting Nofap as this will easy for some brothers to relate. I want to tell you that these are the points which I faced after PMO addiction, before that I used to be very opposite of the points below
    • Lack of confidence
    • Extremely angry and moody
    • Remaining Upset and mindless all the day
    • Poor or zero eye contact
    • Extremely rough hair and receding hairline fastly ( My hair used to be very smooth and easy to maintain)
    • Graying of hair fastly
    • Bloodless face and eyes
    • Lack of beard even in late puberty
    • Extremely poor skin - Small white and red bumps all over
    • Brain fog- This one is really irritating
    Can't even remember anything for long
    • Dead penis and no morning wood
    • Little pain and tickling in pubic area after excessive PMO sometimes
    • Weak or incomplete erection when aroused
    • Deposition of fat around body( Due to uneven burning of fat )
    • Weak bones and very often crackling sound while movement.
    • Premature ageing symptoms
    • Wanted to be alone due to the addiction, feels very shy and uncomfortable around people( PMO kills your social skills completely )
    • Childish face and voice ( My voice used to be very clear and it was easy to grasp but now it's like a voice of diseased and lazy man)
    • Sleeping for long hours( I sleep for almost half the day 10-12 hours) and many a times, I didn't able to even sleep
    PMO completely disturbs your mind
    • Bad posture and shape of body( as I remain on the bed in the room all the day doing PMO)
    • Ruined up energy and poor stamina
    • Messed up routine

    During initial days, the best precaution is that Be around someone whether your family, friends,roomate, your pet, anybody. It really helps.I have met some supportive Brothers here and I also wanted to thank all of them .Keep supporting Brothers!! I hope that we will win one day. Remember every day is a NOFAP day.

    My achievements :-
    1 month completed ✓
    2 months completed ✓
    3 months completed ✓
    4 months completed ✓
    5 months completed ✓
    6 months completed ✓
    7 months completed ✓
    8 months completed ✓

    Previous Streak :- 86, 63, 16, 24, 32, 7, 4, 1, 2, 4, 5, 255, 0, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 0, 2, 1, 0, 0, 3, 5, 6, 0, 2, 11, 6, 5, 20, 24, 72, 16.
    Wet dreams during 255 days streak :- 99, 137, 150, 175, 228, 242

    When I just completed 1 month, It was a big achievement for me, so I used to update it in my journal. I used to write my journal and progress. But I stopped writing it after 2 months completion. I have reached on two months for the second time. You can check out my journal-> here.
    After Nofap journey, you are definitely better than whom you were earlier.

    Here are some very basic changes and benefits after living this healthy NoFap life :-
    More confidence for sure
    Eye contact improved
    Brain fog gone (Easy to grasp and remember things fastly)
    Experiencing hard and long lasting Morning Wood (Almost everyday)
    Voice improved
    More stamina
    More energy all the day
    Didn't feel sleepy and exhausted even at night
    Feel strong and confident around people
    Skin Improvement

    If I talk about wet dreams, I have never experienced wet dreams earlier in my life. But I have my first wet dream on day 99. I have experienced wet dreams 5-6 times during this streak on day 99, 137, 150, 175, 228, 242. Three times it was a sexual dream and rest were random.

    It was tough for me too during my initial days. But every single effort you make in is worth it. During my streak, many a times urges came to mind but those don't last for long. You have to train your mind. I will say that this is definitely not the end of the reboot process. It's a life long process. You have to control your emotions, your bad habits which are becoming a hurdle for your future. Our motto should be PMO free life. Thanks to Nofap community.

    Stay away from media, films, novels, songs, social media content if they are even 0.1% responsible for triggers.
    Cut down every sexual thought within seconds whenever it arises by doing instant pushups, remembering your loved ones, singing your favourite song, anything just to convert that energy into another higher energy.
    Don't fall before your max streak. E.g- If you have longest streak of 30 days. Then don't allow yourself to fall before you make more than 30. Go for another longest streak ;)
    Control your hand. Don't allow it to go there.
    Please do let me know if these tips help so that I can update more from my experience.

    Do share your tips and suggestions. Comment for any query. Feel free to ask any questions. You can inbox me for any kind of help. :)
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2020
  2. Si bolang

    Si bolang Fapstronaut

    A very inspiring experience.
    I want to ask if you have flatline?
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  3. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    Thanks Brother:). Yes, I can recall that I have flatline for most of the time during my streak, dominantly during the initial 100 days. After that, I do experience sexual thoughts sometimes but those don't last long.
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  4. Spriritofawarrior

    Spriritofawarrior Fapstronaut

    yo my bro.
    how did you deal with the sexual urges? I've analysed my relapses, and i always get to a point where i just feel this urge to O, and from then on, if i do O, i go full fledge and just go down the rabbit hole, usually around 50 days of hardmode, but did you ever deal with these thoughts telling you to O and if so, how did you deal with them bro?
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  5. Powerous

    Powerous Fapstronaut

    Huge congrats bro!
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  6. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    Yes Brother, Sometimes there are urges. But over all these months, I have managed myself not to fall back.I have setup my mind clearly. I have faced the consequences of PMO , I just remind myself those to not to PMO again. Whatever the situation is, control your mind and hand not to go there. Not to react and start thinking of something else more productive that you love the most. These are some ways I deal with the urges. Just don't complicate things, take the step to say NO to yourself. Btw, your status say it all in a single line.;) I hope you will go long this time.:)
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2019
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  7. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    Thank you Brother :)
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  8. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut

    bro.....that is how I feel so very strongly!

    Except like the rare times when my heart was beating profusely out of urges and then I give in, I usually relapse because of boredom or out of habit.
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  9. Congratulation man! That's a huge success. I totally agree with the bad side effects of PMO. I have experienced almost every one of them especially being angry and moody but now it's getting much better after a long streak! But we have to stay strong for life and never give in.
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  10. Viijay

    Viijay Fapstronaut

    Congratulations Bhai :)
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  11. Yoyoking

    Yoyoking Fapstronaut

    Can you please elaborate the steps that helped you to succeed in your path?
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  12. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    I do feel the same a few times during my streak. Whenever you feel so, just start taking deep breath, calm your mind and remember the one whom you love the most, you worship the most, you care about. Don't give up, tell yourself that if you keep doing the same, then its difficult to achieve your motive of becoming the best of yourself. :)
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  13. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    I am glad that you are going great and that's right my Brother, we will stay strong and will never give in.:)
  14. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    Thank you @Dhruv_ . I appreciate your constant support Brother.:)
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  15. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    Brother, I said to myself clearly that I am gonna make it otherwise I will have to pay for it in future. This is the first and foremost thing that helped me. Clarity of mind is necessary if somebody wants to succeed. Other important step is that I never touched myself when I feel the urge. That's proved to be very helpful.I practiced my mind not to go for pleasurable material. Over time, you will be able to tackle this things. Reading and exercising is another habit that gave a boost to me. Reading books and benefits of Nofap, keeping yourself busy, distracting your mind, working towards your goal are some ways to get out of it. I hope it helps :)
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  16. Khan-p

    Khan-p Fapstronaut

    Congragulaton brother,
    I relapsed at day 22, but i am hopeful that i will make this day
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  17. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    Thank you Brother ! Keep going :)
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  18. Well done man! What are your plans regarding NoFap now that you have done more than 180 days?
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  19. Powerous

    Powerous Fapstronaut

    Couldn't agree more. I have been saying this too
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  20. Cool_Bro

    Cool_Bro Fapstronaut

    Thank you Brother:)
    I will continue the streak and will be here on NoFap. As doing a long streak and then again fall back into clutches of PMO is not an option. We have to be PMO free. Do care for those whom you love. :)
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