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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by kamov, Jun 29, 2020.

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    Hi everyone!
    I hope you are doing fine. I'm 67 days on my way to 68 but somethings bother me more that they should.

    I have a small curiosity. I want to know what a wet dream feels like. Believe me or not. I think I never had a wet dream in my entire life, considering that I started masturbating at 11-12yo. Most of people have wet dreams, even if they masturbate, but even now, I'm +60 days hard mode and I don't have a single sexual dream. I have I think 3-4 "semi-vivid" dreams but none of them related to sex or anything that would make me orgasm during sleep.

    Honestly, I want to know what feels like to have a wet dream, many people report that wet dreams makes them feel bad, and some people even say that they have frequent wet dreams.

    I did some research, as always, and I often see that people think that erotic dreams are some kind of repressed thoughts about sex, when you stop completely think about sex, that can reveal itself in dreams. Other people say that thinking about sex many times during the day can provoke wet dreams, and I find that odd, because sometimes, probably more than I should, I think about sex, but I never had a wet dream. And even about the repressed thoughts, the last time I recalled a dream I had I dreamed about killing a friend of mine and hiding his body ahahah and he is in fact a friend of mine and I wish him absolutely no harm.

    Im 67 days in and I don't feel urges, I don't feel that my libido skyrocketed, I don't feel horniness during the day, I can feel aroused if I think about sex or when I see a hot girl but other than that I can't feel that horniness that many people report. I would like to know what it feels to feel horny all the time. It's such a powerful feeling. When I'm horny I have some kind of strange motivation, a drive to do things, it is really hard to explain.

    To not deviate from the subject. How many of you have/had more than 2 months of hard mode and didn't had a sexual dream ?
  2. A.Z

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    I'm 60 days in hard mode and i didn't have a wet dream in my life. Like you, I'm waiting for one, to know how it feels, and to feel sexually normal.
    If you have morning woods and spontaneous erections, I think it is just a matter of time.
  3. Stupidbeginner

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    Same thing here man but I had before entering flatline lot of sexual dreams but always without orgasming. I hope I get one, I feel you it gives you paranoia such an horrible feeling.
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    A dream(even if its' not vividly sexual) that leads you to have an orgasm or even ejaculation is a wet dream. I have had more than couple of times before. Honestly, I feel cheated by this when it happened to me once but I have learned my leason that I should not react to it drastically.
  5. skullfull7

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    Like @vishop said nocturnal emissions are when you orgasm during your sleep not necessarily erotic dream, i don’t fantasize even about women, so when i have those i dont have any sort of dream whatsoever, plus you shouldn’t wish one they can be really annoying if they happen frequently, even semen practitioners hate them, no to waste semen and wake up wet like you’re having a period, plus erotic dreams sort of gives you a chaser effect, thats when you will want to orgasm during the next 3 days ,many people relapse thanks to those awesome dreams even people with +100days. So you might be thankful man, as for why you haven’t got them yet, your brain hasn’t healed enough, if you started pmo in a very young age, and you did that frequently then you never allowed your brain to be horny enough for it to fantasize, even so, your brain links arousal to porn only, it doesn’t know what women and dreams are, so you’ll get those later on around 70-80 days mark for sure.
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