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  1. I feel it is too late to report this but I think it can benefit someone out there. At the beginning of the year I started a nofap journey, I have been trying for more than 10 years and never got passed 30 days.

    im 32 years old.

    The factors that made me decide to join nofap in 2018 were:

    1. Constant fatigue
    2. Forgetfulness and brain fog, inability to speak coherently.
    3. Constant Palpitations and chest pains.(goes down weeks after abstinence)
    4. Misfiring nerves
    5. Weakening Academic prowess
    6. Drop in good looks
    7. Not having confidence (lost girlfriend cos of that)
    8. Poor health in general.
    9. ED and Premature Ejaculation
    10. Etc

    Changes After 31 days
    I Expected to get a little better but I dien’t expect what I felt:

    1. Chest pains and palpitations vanished completely
    2. Mental clarity returned, I spoke with amazing coherency.
    3. I could get only 4 hours of sleep a day and still feel strong like Hercules the next morning.
    4. Penis became larger and I had better sex.
    5. My breath even changed for the better and my poo even didn’t smell as foul as it has always been, this probably sounds stupid but to me it a sign of a body working better. I know myself
    6. Confidence and everything returned 7. I have always felt I was going to be sacked from work soon, After 30 days, I felt important like I’m the CEO.
    8. Most importantly, I wasn’t waking up with anxiety and panic attacks every morning again as the chemical imbalance in my brain had been repaired.

    What brought me down?
    1. Curiosity. I wanted to test and see if porn was still gonna have the same effect on me if I saw it.
    2. Stopped vital daily routine. (Reading success stories, Reading porn addiction recovery and benefits literature and videos, socializing)
    3. Loneliness. I live alone but I don’t always feel lonely.
    4. Not having a plan on how to use the new energies my body was now having. (Reading, running, socializing etc)
    5. Not celebrating my 30 days streak.


    1. Celebrating victories regardless of the size is vital. When you celebrate victories, you are motivated to push on. How to celebrate victories? Post success on pages like Nofap, buy yourself something you have always wanted etc)
    I should have posted the 30 days Streak but instead I told myself why don’t I do that after 40 days, I relapsed that night. I know if I had posted the victory I would have been motivated to stay focused.

    2. The first two weeks are the hardest.
    3. You have to be as serious as if this is a war.
    4. Plan your Nofap journey ahead. Make preparations in advance before you start the journey.
    5. You can not remove it completely from your mind. You can only get more willpower to resist it.
    6. Your chances of recovery is below 30% if you fight this alone. Your chances go up to 90% if you involve someone in your fight.

    I have started another journey. I hope to win this time.

    My advice

    1. Admit you are addicted and you are mentally sick.
    2. Take a look at your life and decide if you are okay with this lifestyle or you want a change
    3. The future is now. You can only quit if you quit now. It is now or never.
    4. YOU CAN WIN. I relapsed because of stupid curiosity, I didn’t even have urges.

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  2. Irishman13

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    Hi, thank you for the messages of hope and the simple advices.

    Your story illustrates how nofap is beneficial and curative.

    well done !
  3. ahighertruth

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    Now that you got the experiment out of the way you should be able to go longer. Curiosity killed my month long streak as well. I believe you can do 90+ days now. Just think how good you felt while on your streak to how you felt after relapse. I believe in you.
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  4. Zexiant

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    NoFap Defender

    Thank you for the advice
  5. W10001

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    Well done and thanks for sharing. This is really encouraging for me as I have the same feelings and experiencing the same that you have felt. Whenever I try to quit and relapse quickly after. I am now on 3 days since relapse and hope this time I don't relapse again. Your story and results are encouraging for me.
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  6. James2James

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    GREAT read! So much to take from that post. Loved it.

    Loneliness is my big issue. Even tho I like my own company, I get lonely. And then I lose hope. THAT'S what gets me. But I've made changes - meditation / cold showers (they help my mood) / search for knowledge (the amount of knowledge I've absorbed on porn addiction in the last 3 days is staggering) / Self-Talk / Journaling / FOCUS (I can't stress how important LIFE FOCUS has been to me. I believe meditation has helped a lot).

    Seriously..I'm very proud of the changes I've made to battle this addiction (I NEVER called myself an "addict" before this past weekend...NEVER), but I am VERY WELL AWARE that I'm in this for the long haul. I know that. I've been on this planet long enough to realize that nothing worth having comes easily. Sounds corny..but so very true.

    As to your advice, I am definitely going to CELEBRATE those little victories and milestones. My 1st week clean is in almost 3 days. I am going to "celebrate". But I'm also going to sit down after that moment of happiness and re-charge, take account, and prepare myself for the next part in the walk/fight/journey/enlightenment. I'm looking at this as one loooooooong journey with different chapters, not a journey of separate and unrelated "short stories". Everything (for me) will flow together through the worst (which I haven't faced yet) and through the calmest. Like a river that goes through beautiful valleys and slows to a crawl..but then sprints and crashes and explodes in turmoil against rocks and sudden dips...only to come out later on in tranquility and peace..into another quiet opening...always continuing and always getting to a peaceful place. MY river never stops and it never comes to a place of ending. That's one of the analogies I use.

    I know hell (the "rocks", the "sudden dips") is coming..but I put my mind in these places to prepare and arm myself for it. IF I falter and go down, much like the river, I WILL rise and continue my way to the peaceful and quiet valley. If my faltering is to be part of the story, then so be it. But the story HAS to continue. The river never ends at the rock and the sudden crevices it encounters. It just doesn't stop. And it never fails.

    Thanks again for giving me the inspiration to put those words to keyboard, friend. Your post was most inspiring. Best to you.
  7. Powerous

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    Thank you for posting, you realised your mistake and you learned from it. This is good, I can't wait to reach 30 days too... it has been almost 4 years since my last 30 days+ and back then I felt amazing too. It can only get better, just imagine how you will feel like after 100 days... 300 days... etc forever.
  8. Quitting porn is very hard but it is not impossible, millions of people around the world have done it, we can also do it. We are not going to be like this all our lives are we? that would be a tragedy. RISE UP, EVEN WHEN YOU FALL 10 TIMES IN A MONTH NEVER STAY DOWN. NEVER, RISE UP TAKE YOUR PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. Powerous

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    Absolutely bro!. I mean I am 24 years old... I wasted 10 years+ of my life fapping to some pixels of a dude fucking a chick on a screen... lol if you think about it it's so beta and shit habit... like wtf are we doing... lmfao. I simply do not want to be 30... 40+ years old and still fapping to porn like a lil teenager. I mean come on guys we are better than this.
    If we just realise how truly stupid PMO is then we will never waste another second on it...
  10. ahighertruth

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    you can quit. its only hard because you make it hard. try not binging if you relapse, i promise you it will make your streaks longer and eventually you may build up to the point where it just isnt a temptation to look up porn anymore.
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