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400 Days Hardmode!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Deleted Account, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Wow 400 days today. And I can say Nofap really has blended into my lifestyle for quite a while now I already went through the flatlines, withdrawals, and the brain fog all which is something in the past now. I no longer crave to see anything that relates to porn, I quit social media a few months ago accept Snapchat for only messaging that’s it. I’m so happy within myself I love myself, accept myself and I never compare myself to others in any way. I’ve already beaten this addiction and it made me stronger, self disciplined, and determined in pursue another year on hardmode. I still do get intense urges time to time and I always control them but they arnt urges to watch porn but urges to go out and seek a relationship. Urges will never go away that’s one thing I notice,

    The benefits are very beneficial and I won’t ever trade it for pmoing or porn. I no longer have brain fog, I don’t have social anxiety or constantly think of how others view me as I don’t care what others think. I have to much confidence within myself to care what others think. I have happiness even the small things in life make me so much happier, overall my social life is good I enjoy talking to others. I don’t try to find ways to seek their approval and I just be myself and if they don’t like me then ok it doesn’t bother me.

    I also no longer cover or hide my face in pictures I have the confidence in myself that even pictures don’t scare me.

    My body has become pretty fit and I always lift and do push-ups to release my high sexual energy. My posture is also very good.

    I love myself I no longer care how others think, I don’t get anxious around attractive women or anyone else, my eye contact is at a point that I can have a conversation with other and it’s very good feeling to not feel any shame or guilt!

    For people on wanting specific benefits there’s a lot but here are the main ones. No brain fog, I have strong self control and very self discipline, No social anxiety besides being naturally nervous sometimes with new people, No heart beating when I’m around people, a lot of Attraction, confidence, and happiness, Respect from others and more

    Quitting pmoing is one of the Hardest things a person can go thru you are already on the right path to success! even if u have a relapse it’s only a step back don’t worry guys, time is your friend and in time u will be free from this horrible addiction! Focus on finding ways to improve your life add hobbies, go out even just to walk anything u do to improve yourself is the best thing u can do on recovery find a better thing to replace the bad habits one step at a time

    (Also posted this on my reddit acc)
  2. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

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  3. Thanks man!
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  4. Yeah! I needed a motivational story like this! Thanks and congratulations :)
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  5. Thanks man and no problem :)
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  6. whatishappening???

    whatishappening??? Fapstronaut

    Congrats and thanks for such an uplifting post! I was posting on another thread the other day and I told someone that was really looking forward to marriage that the best thing you can do to find "the right one" is to not look for it and instead work on yourself. You are really doing that from what it sounds like and that's awesome! You also reminded me though that it really is an urge that doesn't go away while you are single. I've been married to the right one for a few years now and I forgot how persistent that urge can be. But, it improves your self-discipline to turn your focus away from it and work on yourself. Like I told that person, it seems to happen when you aren't looking for it.
  7. Stability

    Stability New Fapstronaut

    awesome, good to see this ..400+ days..its super dedication
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  8. Healed!

    Healed! Fapstronaut

    Quite impressive for a 19 yo. I am at 399, but not hard mode. Way to go, buddy!
  9. Congrats man, that's amazing! Cheers & keep going!!
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  10. Coolcalm

    Coolcalm Fapstronaut

  11. DucksInARow

    DucksInARow Fapstronaut

    Brilliant work!! I can vouch for the benefits, hope I can make it to a year, there see where this goes :)
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  12. Congratulations, Im glad you have a happy life now, and that your possibilities expanded substantionaly.
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  13. Excactly! That is what I’m doing haha. But I’m not waiting til marriage though just waiting for the right girl.
  14. Wow man congratulations! Your close to 400 haha
  15. Your story is very encouraging congratulations.
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  16. Astro Balthus

    Astro Balthus Fapstronaut

  17. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut

    thanks for this post, man! I appreciate it!!!
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  18. DryPirate

    DryPirate New Fapstronaut

    Congrats! Looking forward to be able to do that as well, I didn't know that it is possible way beyond the usual 90 days.
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  19. It’s possible and the benefits increase so much, the longer u abstain
  20. PirateX

    PirateX Fapstronaut

    New here but really wow. Your paragraph 4 and 5. The reason I stopped watching P. Been on this forum for about hh. My urge has gone for now I guess. Hopefully this forum will help whenever I have urge. I’m really looking forward towards your 2nd last paragraph. Another reason disrespect that i feel for myself around others not from them but just a fear.
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