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    Hi Everyone,

    This is only my second day on the site and already the support that is out there is excellent!

    Im 8 days in to stopping everything, my reasoning behind it is that it was taking over my life. I was using P at work, going to the loo at home to watch P, planning my days around times that I could M and was finding it increasingly difficult to get and maintain an erection without a stimulus. I am also getting married next year and the sex life between me and my fiancee has been non existent for a couple of years.

    Yesterday was a real struggle, I wanted to watch P, I wanted to read stories about sex, I wanted to look around and see what escorts were available for a release in the local area, I struggled hugely!

    Today feels very different, I feel different. I feel more confident, more assured of myself. Iv changed my diet and exercise regime has upped so that's a positive.

    Sorry for rambling a little bit here but I just wanted to hear from others as to the way things can progress from here.

    Cheers everyone
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    Congrats!! Keep up the great work! It is awesome that you are wanting to change your habits before you get married. This is a life long struggle and never let your guard down. At least for me it is a life long struggle. Just never let your guard down. Stay strong!

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