90 days completed!

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    After 102 days of no P and 90 days no PMO I feel great! First off, I am not sitting around horny all of the time. I am not obsessing about sex 24/7! I feel pretty normal in fact. I can concentrate better, I am way more productive, more motivated to hit the van, I finally cleaned the garage out (by taking everything out and two trip to the dump) after 5 years! All very positive things. Rock hard wood in the morning and sometimes in the middle of the night it wakes me up it's so hard. The other huge plus, I am not near as hungry as I was before! Plus, I pee at least half as much, probably due to a smaller prostrate and not drinking as much water as before, I am not as thirsty.

    My sex life couldn't be better other than we just don't get to do it frequently enough (not her or my fault, as I have said before, privacy and time). As I have said before, it is mind-blowing!

    It actually went by pretty fast. It is important to stay busy, don't set yourself up for failure. In the beginning I tried not to be alone (180 degree strategy from before where you are looking for reason to be along so you can fap as much as possible).

    Nothing triggers me anymore, except seeing my wife nude. I've seen plenty of hot babes, pix, and even the P Trojan we had on this site, I look at it, it doesn't arouse me, I just see it for what it is and move on.

    I do not fantasize anymore, and in the beginning I only allowed myself to fantasize about my wife and real things we have done. Lately I have not, but that's not to say I never will, I just don't. But I do have some pretty interesting dreams, that's for sure. I have had about 5 dreams about me PMOing or watching P, and I have to say, I am very relieved once I realize it was a dream.

    I am 100% sold and will never go back to the slavery of the old ways!

    Long live NoFap!
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    Congratulations jbastoniv! You are a real inspiration to all of us and show that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even though it seems hard right now. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours and that I will never see you here again starting from day 0 :)
  3. That is pretty damn good! I look up to you man!