90 Days Hard Mode- NO PMO Complete Today

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to document my success story here. I will add to it over time. I am really proud of the fact I managed to abstain from Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm for 90 days! I have completed my reboot and will now move forwards to my new phase.

    It was a long road and it wasn't always easy. I picked up a few hints along the way.

    1. Don't try to do this alone. Connect with people here at NoFap- The constant support I have received from so many incredible users- so many to tag but they know who they are :) Interact and socialise with the people here- in my weaker moments it was the thought of the camaraderie I share with many of these guys that kept me going :)

    2. Don't just think of this as something you are giving up and constantly thinking about resisting urges- find positive and beneficial habits to fill your time with such as going to the gym, go swimming, see friends for dinner or lunch, go the cinema, read books, join a group or go walking or riding a bike- make it about positive things you are filling your time with instead of just about giving something up.

    3. This one may seem obvious but try your best to avoid all porn substitutes and anything triggering that may put you at risk of relapse. Obviously in this day and age with all the modern technology, social media and such this is not always possible and it was something I definitely struggled with- I made the mistake of allowing myself to browse a p-sub once or twice during my reboot- fortunately I did not relapse and I did not allow it to jeopardise my recovery. Be vigilant and if you are tempted talk to the guys here.

    4. Essentially decide that no PMO is what you want... my first few tries were not successful at some point in time - I made a decision in my mind to allow myself to relapse- DO NOT DO THIS - Remember you and you alone are responsible for yourself and your recovery and you can decide to not let a relapse happen. After my unsuccessful attempt I decided that I was not going to relapse again and I didn't- yes it was hard, yes it was tempted- but I wanted to complete a reboot more than I wanted a temporary dopamine fix. It's your choice to relapse or not. Own it.

    5. Always BE REALISTIC - Don't start your journey with grand declarations about porn being behind your forever and state you will never touch it again or that you are on day 1/90 or day 1/120- It's great if you are of course- but set small achievable goals- just as relapse after relapse can be demoralising - victory after victory can be inspirational and motivating- Do the 7 day challenge, then the 14 days challenge, then the 21 day challenge, then 30 and then 60.... if you complete those one step at a time the last step to that 90 day goal will make you feel amazing going at it with 5 victories behind you :) I did this and can't recommend them enough :) @2525 Has set up challenges for these in the rebooting section of the forum.

    This should be good for now, I will update more if I think of anything else but please do feel free to ask any questions :)

    Special mention to @2525 @Beamer and @Arohamystic for being awesome guys :)
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    congrats on making it to 90 days ,very inspiring , hopefully i will do the same :D
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    My Journal
    Hi my friend :),
    Congratulations again for successfully rebooting 90 days ! :)
    I am very happy for you! :) You always supported everyone here and myself, even if you had your own challenging issues during your reboot ! :)
    You have a big heart and a beautiful soul, the Unicorn avatar(s) suit you incredibly well ! :)
    Thank you for sharing your experiences, i can only confirm what you stated in your writing !
    Personally i found point 1. (connecting), point 3. (avoid p-subs) and point 5. (doing the challenges created by @2525 with more challenging goals in sequence from short to longer) absolutely very valuable for everyone who is rebooting ! :)
    Thank you again for being so helpful and encouraging to so many people here and myself, you're a great guy and an awesome trustworthy friend ! All my best for your bright future ! :D:D:D
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    CONGRATULATIONS on your wonderful achievement! It really is something to celebrate! Your nofap name is ‘Ready to be Healthy’ and by completing 90 days of being PMO free you have proven that you want to have abundant health in your life – this is really inspirational!

    Your advice is gold! Each of the points you outlined are essential in obtaining sexual health. Having a group of friends who we can turn to in times of need is essential I think. Also, focusing on all the good in life is really important. I have found that the more I embrace all the fun and exciting things in life (time with friends and family, working on my novel, learning a new language, visiting new places etc) the less I feel burdened or frustrated by the whole PMO issue. Nofap really does help us open the doors to a deeper and more fulfilling life.

    I agree that all porn substitutes need to be avoided. It is difficult to do this because at some parts of the day we may be able to use certain apps without any feeling of getting triggered at all – but all it takes is one weak moment and we could find ourselves relapsing. I know I have to be vigilant with apps like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat etc.

    Your fourth point is definitely something that I have to work on. There are so many times when my brain chooses the dopamine fix over the desire for a complete reboot. My question is: how can we increase our desire for complete sexual health so that any temporary dopamine fix becomes unattractive to us?

    It has been so awesome walking this journey with you so far, brother. I am really excited to see how the next stages of your journey unfold. One thing I know for sure: you have a bright and beautiful future ahead of you!
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  5. Congratulations for successfully rebooting 90 days ! :)
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    im on day 2.....lots of prayer and will power......
  8. Good luck :)
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  9. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments so far :)
  10. Congrats!! that's a great milestone achievement that you can be proud of! I am currently undertaking the same challenge! Thanks for the tips, will definitely come in handy! Thanks for inspiring us!
  11. Inspiring! Thanks for sharing. :)
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    Congrats! This is great news! And thanks for sharing these tips, especially the one about completing shorter challenges and building up to 90. It makes that yawning gulf between now and 90 seem much shorter to think about it in those increments.
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  14. Congrats for achieving 90 days , Wishing you best of luck ahead ..
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    Congratulation bro. . .keep the good work
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    You are spot on with all your advice. Those are some great tips.
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    This is great advice, thank you
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  18. Thank you all so much for the amazing responses :)
  19. Well done buddy, this is not finished yet, keep it up! ;)
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  20. Happy for you mate. You are truly an inspiration :)
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