90 days hard Mode. Yes We Can!

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    Hi!!! im 26 years old man, I live on Venezuela. I like the sports, the business and read.
    Actually Im learning to code to could get a work as Web developer.

    I will be honest I tried it once but I failed on day 10.

    This time I want to achieve the goal! So I invite You to join this challenge and help us together.
    Im working and studying all day so Its easy to keep my mind occupied during day, but the most difficult part for my are the nights. So, I plan that We could talk every night to support every one of us. :)

    The strength is in the joining.

    Lets do it!
  2. johnylatino

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    First day end! :) I accomplished whit success.
    Im using some apps to make more easy my challenge:
    1. Fabulous App to make new routines and habits.
    2. Countdown days to count the 90 days!!
    3. Super NoFap App.

    Also I decided to start a routine every day after work, when I arrived home. The routine have 4 steps:
    1. Meditate 7 minutes.
    2. Watch or read some NoFap material.
    3. Post or read this forum.
    4. Work on personal project.

    What things have worked for you guys?

    Sorry for my bad english hahaha
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  4. johnylatino

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    Day 2/90:

    My day was fine! I do a lot of things, so I didn't have much time to think on P.

    But I realized that when I'm tired (when I wake up on dawns or nights) are the most difficult times to get focus.

    But I accomplished with success!! I think We will make it.

    How was your day?
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