90 + days . Its so gooood..

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Abhimanyu99, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Abhimanyu99

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    well i have been masturbating since i was 14 .
    about 90 days ago i got really pissed off because of this bad addiction .
    In all in the last 4 years i have done this i have lost my stamina , facial glow , self confidence and much more.
    I have been an ass most of the time .

    But one fine day i recorded myself in front of the camera and told myself i am not doing this again . First 7 days were hell . Everytime i got an urge , i did pushups. It went away .

    The best way to not do it is to just get out of your house , work so hard that you cant even feel your hands and legs . you will feel very good . Get a hobby and most importantly be patient .
    Dont let your mind trick you . Remember , its a cycle . as soon as you get out of this , the better you are .
    Just dont think much , dont sit idle . show the world youre more capable than they think .

    Now after 90 days , the advantages are
    1. I have the facial glow of a 5 year old
    2. Girls really like talking to me now .
    3. i am more aggressive
    4. I have more strength
    5. i give a fuck about the things that matter .
    6. i have self confidence leveling the mt. everest
    7. My mind is working . finally . decision making power is very good .

    Dont throw away your life fapping .
    be disciplined . dont be a coward . you have to do this yourself , no ones is going to help you . just start , have trust and show them what you are made of .
    cheers !
  2. Nucleus

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    inspiring post.
  3. Thanks for motivating me. I'm happy for your success. Your benefits are awesome and I'm wishing you even more as you continue your NoFap journey.
  4. 28yrsold

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    That's awesome brother.
    I am on day 3
    Trying to be strong one day at a time.
  5. Jaspe22

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    Congrats man, excelent post. Keep it going!

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