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  1. 1-5-16

    This was me, back in September 15, 2015. I was struggling, I was so affected. The amount of negativity I felt made everything feel like Hell. I felt sad and guilty all the time. I felt tired and wasted. PMO was a very big issue, costing me so much time and energy, draining me of positivity, eating away my motivation to succeed in school and training and anything.

    Well, here I am, Kallosthenos. Here I am, in 2016, and I've went 126 days without PMO. No pornography, no masturbation, trying my best to clean up my fantasies and thoughts, trying my best to avoid triggers from affecting me. I feel great. I feel so alive, energetic, confident, powerful...

    Social life is doing great, because I am more confident with myself and with success. My training are doing great too, my GST™ (Gymnastic Strength Training™) journey is going well, and I'm ready to achieve amazing feats of strength and mobility and get my Maltese (D-rated ring strength hold). My studies are doing great as well, I'm ready to get my PhD (science course, preferably). And finally, social life is fantastic, I'm ready to go out there and enjoy myself with friends and family.

    My name is Kallosthenos, from the ancient Greek words kálos (κάλλος), which means "beauty", and sthénos (σθένος), meaning "strength". The beauty of strength has many meanings, whether it's about physical strength or mental strength. I am a 16-year-old boy who loves technology, science and fitness. I am here to share my success and help you guys out, because the journey is rough but you guys helped me through.

    PMO was causing a lot of disharmony in my life, just like I always said. I was affected physically, because I'd feel tired and wasted, making studying and training tougher. From sources online, they also said that it affects testosterone levels, recuperation, et cetera. I was affected mentally, because my energy levels would be drained from the PMO session, I just didn't have the energy to study or process complex thoughts.

    Finally, I was affected emotionally, because of negativity. Sadness, guilt, anger, regret, emptiness, loneliness... I can go on and on, and these things affect my studies, training, social life, homework, anything! Because I've always been emotionally sensitive and PMO was killing me.

    And it wasted a lot of time, and time is precious for me to achieve goals.

    Cold showers are like magic. They train you to be mentally strong and push through discomfort in order to get something positive. Instead of indulgence and pleasure, you are training yourself for commitment and fulfillment. I like to take contrast showers, so a few minutes of hot water, and a few minutes of cold water. Best of both worlds, gain both sides of the benefits, I feel like it helps with recovery and it definitely helps with that mental strengthening.

    Focus on what you're doing! One of the biggest mistakes I made was thinking too much, whether it's about PMO or even NoFap. If you keep thinking about PMO, then it will be all over your mind and it will be hard to do other things. If you keep thinking about NoFap and trying to avoid PMO, you'd end up thinking about PMO and... yeah. Most importantly, don't fantasise (think about dirty stuff) and don't juice (mess with the Internet to find triggers). Just go out and live life, divert your attention!

    Train. This is the best way to shake off urges, divert your attention and get blood flowing, while improving your fitness and achieving fitness goals at the same time! Go take up powerlifting, gymnastics, b-boying or even rock climbing! Go hit the gym and try to break your personal record, try to improve. For me, I dance and do GST™ (go check out GymnasticBodies, I love their courses), and I feel great.

    Go outside. Staying indoors alone is the worst place to be if you have sexual urges, because you're setting yourself up at a perfect relapsing situation. Go outside, go play sports, hang out with friends or just go for a walk and breathe in some fresh air! Set aside the phones and computers, the Facebook and the YouTube, go and be more active because it will benefit you while letting the urges subside.

    Give yourself reasons. Ask yourself this question: "Why am I doing this?" If you don't have a reason, you won't have the motivation to keep going, because there's no reason to keep going and there's nowhere to go. Acknowledge your reasons, set your goals, and JUST DO IT. Let your dreams be goals, stop thinking about perfection, stop regretting about the past, stop beating yourself up! I always tell myself to keep these three things in mind:

    Stay positive.

    Do your best.

    Control the present.

    Please keep these three things in mind, embody them in your everyday life, live by them while you work in order to achieve your goals! I can say that doing these things helps me out a lot, because life's tough, not everything is sunshine and rainbows and achieving goals takes a lot of time and effort. Keep smiling, give your best effort and focus on the present moment.

    Now it's your turn.
    Alright, I really hope that I can help you guys out, because you guys helped me out a lot, couldn't have done it without this community, without the people here. Almost two years of struggle, and I made it (again), PMO is no longer affecting me, I feel free and I will stay free. I feel great, and my life has improved a lot, has changed for the better. Thank you all for the support, thank you for my success. And now it's your turn to succeed, go out there and do it! Peace.
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    Amazing! Wow! This post hit home for me. The way you showed who you were before and who you are now is amazing. You did all of this and you're 16. I don't know what to feel. You're an amazing person. I wish I had a grip on life like you do. I re-started my journal 5 days ago. I'm happy for you buddy. :)
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    Wow! Great story and great tips man! This was really inspirational for me, and I hope you continue on your merry way to a year!
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    Badass post. Wise words from a young man. I'm honored to share this forum with young men like you. Thank you for this share. Best wishes to you on your journey. You are going to be one bad dude.
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    Thanks man, great words and inspiration.
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    Great post! Thank you for sharing this Kallosthenos! People like you make really make this community stand out. Wish I had your brain when I was 16 haha! Keep on fighting the good fight!
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    Excellent work, I am proud of you brother!
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    I like your progress. Thanks for this.
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    I know you get used to cold showers after a while but how long (how many showers) does it take to completely ignore the effects of the coldness? (If that makes sense.)

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