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    Hi friends,

    Just wanted to share a bit of my thoughts of today. I tried to write in a simple way what were the periods of my life and try to identify clearly the reasons. I had sometimes the idea of being a victim and feeling trapped in negativ lifestyle or way of thinking. The idea that 'one day' I will be free of this addiction, that 'one day' I will be happier and 'one day' I will realize my dream and be the one I really want to be in this life.

    I clearly realize that taking action on the daily life with small insignificants actions on the daily basis have a major impact of the big picture of my life. Its about stoping to be the victim of our own creation and take the full responsabilities of my life and take the right decision everytime my mind offer me the choice to do it.

    We will not be the person we love and we admire if we dont do the action we need to do. I have heard on the joe rogan potcast one time that:'we need to be the hero of our own story!'. Acting like if we have a camera that watch every actions we do during our day. What the person I would admire should do in that situation? For me I love to imagine that me when I was 6 years old is watching me and following me and taking inspiration of what I do in my life.

    I reach the point that I really need to take serious actions and make a plan to secure and guide myself to a better life.

    For exemple:

    - I am travelling right now and I realize that renting a room alone in a hotel is not a good idea. Of course is more comfortable but I just see that my wonder of controling my addiction is more important than my comfort. Its very easy after a day of travelling to just stay in the room and open the computer...start watching porn, masturbate and feeling depressed. So I changed for a dorm room and even its much less comfortable I live now with people and I meet new people, I can increase my social life, talk a bit and the fact that i am not alone during the evening helps me not to watch porn and masturbate. Thats a strong action that build bounderies between me and my problems.

    - I also identify that planing and stick to the plan (even it looks crazy, hard or whatever) helps me a lot. I plan to contact 2 friends a day. Just to say hi or ask for news. Feeling alone is a big issue on my porn addiction. So before I even think I just follow my plan...if I want or not. Being in contact with others helps me a lot and give me a nice feeling of being a part of a group or just the humanity.

    - I plan to just shut the wifi off after 9pm every evening and try to connect to internet for the right reasons and if its possible in public.

    Well...just share to you that I see clearly that success will not appears like in a dream without any actions we take. I really have to make a plan...and stick to the plan no matter what.

    Wish you all the courage, strenght and discipline you need on your journey my friends
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    Thanks for your terminology, @Resolved Oregonian.

    "Intentionality" makes or breaks our success in this battle. Don't intentionally look at stuff that's not good for you. Do intentionally do things "IRL" that are good for you.

    Your plans looks like really good ideas, @Florian83 :)
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    Almost relapsed couple hours ago! Stick to the plan and stop thinking!!!

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