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    HI everyone, i'm the new guy here. I started fapping at the age of 14, well everyone can say that its a common age where puberty hits and being exposed to porn sites. I wish that i knew the dark side of porn and masturbation earlier. Well as a student, quite challenging cause with brain fog that i develop due to fapping ruin my focus and concentration on my studies. My memory crashes, grades went down, absent of logicalness and huge amount of social anxiety. I thought that my life was over till NoFap community showed up indirectly when i was curious when seeing myself as a living zombie and searching for recovery. Hence, Nofap give me hope. An Ideal Of Hope.
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    If you make this your priority, you can have your hope.

    I suggest you kick around the forum and the rest of this site and the Your Brain on Porn site and bet some information. Make a plan of how you're going to change your life to stay away from porn and make room for the new stuff that's going to come into life. Consider a challenge or a reboot (I'm into a 90-day reboot).

    Keep checking in. Let us know how you're doing.
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