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    I don't date very often. Lack of confidence/opportunity. A couple of years ago, I started seeing a girl and our first time in bed was a horrific experience. I couldn't maintain an erection (porn induced ED) and the fallout was about as bad as it gets.

    Of course she took it as a slight against her. She was not at all nice about it, practically kicked me out of the house. I didn't tell her about the porn, but she figured it out somehow. Asked me if I watched it, what I was into. I figured she was just making conversation. Then she got on the internet and started reading. She told me I could never love her because I can only love myself and that she was going to start talking to other men who could satisfy her sexually. That I would never get better and never change and maybe she could be with me but get her sex elsewhere.

    In retrospect, she was an awful human being and maybe that's why I couldn't perform. But I'm sure PIED played a role. Either way, I haven't been with anyone sexually since, and now it's in my head.

    Those of you who struggle with this affliction and have told your significant other about it, have you generally found acceptance, or should I just continue to be alone until I can straighten out and reboot successfully?
  2. Nothing more to say. Get your system functioning by yourself.

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