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  1. isavdlatin

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    My mom's side of the family has always struggled with addiction, and she used to always warn me about it being stronger for me than other people. I recently came to terms with the fact that not only am I addicted to MPO & Sex, but also THC and caffeine. Although not technically addicted to molly or acid, I've struggled with these chemicals for quite some time now also.

    I've been making terrible decisions lately. One of which was having the horrible idea to go tubing on acid, with no plans for how to get home afterwards which put me behind the wheel of a car before being able to sleep and come down properly. Luckily no incidents happened, but I saw again, how badly I needed to change. I've had this idea twice before, but was not in the proper environment to quit. Now I'm back at my parent's house, and I feel like I can quit everything easier.

    I've been watching porn like it ain't no thing since I was in 7th grade. I didn't even realize how terrible it could be for my perception of reality. I feel like my porn addiction lead to my sex addiction, that was easy to deal with because of my substance addictions. So many vices!!! It's been on my mind a lot lately, and this weekend, I finally got the push in the right direction to quit not just PMO/sex but also weed. Caffeine will come last. I quit cigarettes back in july.

    I'm not sure which one will be harder the sex or the weed. I suppose they'll both be equally difficult. I've been a proud pothead for at least 6 years strong, and my judgment is clouded now. Weed makes me forget about my addiction problems, and all the other problems I have in my life.

    Now, being resolute in my goals, I feel like I can face my addiction problems and overcome the obstacles that hold me back from being the superstar I want to be.

    Wish me luck!!!!! :D
  2. MelancholyWeightlifter

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    Welcome to the hardest, most rewarding journey you will likely undertake. PMO will be the hardest to quit for you if I had to guess. It is a especially insidious addiction. Good luck. Stay strong.
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    There are many of us out there with addictive personalities, and sadly just about every human on this planet has an addiction of some sort. However at the end of the day it is your life and you can choose to overcome anything. Just remember it takes time, self control, patience, support, and will power. But nothing is impossible no matter what has happened in your past or your fsmily history. I have still smoke cigarettes but finally quit weed, quit pills 6 years ago, and overcame eating disorder 5 years ago. At one point i thought i was the biggest loser of all time. But over time, I, ME, took control and realized that I am just as capable of a happy life as anyone, but I am the one who has to do work for myself. If you are ready, you can do it. Dont forget though that you are human. Humans arent perfect and failure is a major part of success whether you believe it or not. Stay strong,stay focused and trust when i say that you can do it. Sounds so cliché but it is so lol. Live your life man, dont let the vices live it for you becausethe clock doesnt stop ticking. I am now 30 and I am so happy. I still have weak times when i eant to do something i know i.shouldnt but i just dont. And the feeling of accomplishment far outweighs the feeling of a high or anything else. Over time you can have a healthy sexual reltionship. And a fulfilling life.

  4. Shai_Halud

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    Has anyone read out of the shadows, I'm almost through it, it's amazing how many people struggle with this.
  5. monkotto

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    hi isavdlatin,

    i have the same problem like you. there are many alcoholics on my moms side of the family.

    i used weed for about 8 years. i reached a point where i was nearly schizophrenic. weed is not a harmless drug like some people try to represent it. i had delusions of persecution. i stopped weed use. i had about six hard months afterwards.

    but after stopping weed use i started with porn. alcohol was always a part of my life. i think i am not a heavy alcoholic but somehow it belongs to my life. alcohol is also not harmless - it is accepted by society. in my opinion alcohol is worse than weed. alcohol makes aggressive. weed makes unconcerned.

    now i fully realized that i am a person at risk for addiction. this was very important for me. now i can work with myself.

    stopping porn is much harder than stopping weed use. never thought that porn damaged my brain so fiercely.

    i wish you good luck. stay strong.
  6. APCIA

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    I'm also trying to quit those addictions.

    For me quitting weed so far is harder than porn. Because many of my friends smoke and when I sit with them and they light a J it's very hard not to ask for a puff. But I'm doing it.

    I thought caffeine would be also really hard but I replaced coffee with tea. I know tea also has some caffeine in it but its still better than coffee.

    I'm trying to quit my O addcition entirely, because I've noticed that even without P my brain still tries to medicate itself with sexual fantasies about real girls, that isn't good either.

    Wishing for all of us a good journey and may we be cleansed of our vices
  7. wolfie

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    Well, I have my two cents on this topic.
    I can see many similarities with you guys, my mother does not drink, but came from addictive family, opposite, my father is drinking, but his family is rather not addictive one.
    I can easily fall into addiction. Porn addiction started in very early teenage years, as well as weed. I have to say, that probably weed is harder to stop, than porn, but I have still not to much experience of quitting porn.

    I can say, that I got rid of weed addiction few years ago, I was smoking weed regularly for about 12 years, 3 times a day. Now, it is happening rarely - like once a month in average - and I'm happy with that. I know I won't stop smoking weed totally, and I'm fine with it as long as I'm in balance. I have to say, that easiest way to stop with weed is by changing your friends who smoke, it worked for me and still work.

    All the best!

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