After ~5 days my mind rationalises MO and PMO

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    Hey guys!

    So I have been here on NoFap for ages - I have read most of the advices, kept a journal for a long time and always got huge bursts of motivation to finally complete a 30 day challange. But I always failed! I think my best was 15 days or so, most of the times 5 or less.

    My problem (I think) is that I am very motivated to pursue this journey as I feel how bad masturbation is for my mental health - but only in the first couple of days. Then I loose this motiviation. It's not even that I get strong, unbeatable urge, I just think things like:
    "NoFap is not really helpful"

    "Masturbation is good and healthy if done in moderation"
    and, I think the most 'convincing' thought:
    "I have to 'train', to be able to last longer in bed if I will have sex with a girl"

    So I know these are thoughts are not 'true', especially the last one. I have been with a girl and even though I didn't last long in bed it was never really a problem in the relationship.

    Furthermore, I just can't do anything in moderation, so one MO most likely leads to multiple MO and PMO's (I think I will do a seperat post about it).

    Do you have any advice for me on this matter? I do feel how much I change for the better even after 5 days, but this doesn't stop me to fall for it again....

    Thank you!
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    Those exact same things have led me to relapse many times. What helps me is every single time those thoughts appear in my head, I immediately identify them as lies and replace them with the truth. Eventually it will become second nature and before you can even finish these thoughts, you won't believe them.
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