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    aggression and not agression. :)

    hi warriors,

    the monk is not dead. he is still fighting.
    i made a nofap-forum-rest.

    i made three 100+ streaks so far. now i am in another mode.

    14 days hardmode - one day controlled relapse - 14 days hardmode - one day controlled relapse - etc.

    i know this mode is not the right/best solution. but when i go over 40/50 days hardmode the cramps in my head are making me insane. i am not able to control the aggression.
    i need the sexual release extremely.

    starting this whole nofap-thing freed me from alcohol and visiting prostitutes - this is a great success for me! this whole journey changed my personality.

    i am in therapy now for learning how to control the aggression and the withdrawal symptoms (cramps in the head in my case).

    aggression caused from porn, drugs and alcohol. i played with my emotions extremely by using all this emotion-booster for many many years.

    and again: thank you alexander for creating a site like this.

    in future i will visit this site occasionally.

    good luck. keep fighting.
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