Am I able to live in the USA? And should I?

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    So I was an idiot a few years ago, I wanna say 2016, and I overstayed my visa for my now-fiancee, then-girlfriend (she has American citizenship) for a few weeks and eventually got deported.

    Why does this matter? Well... I’ve always been critical of how things are ran here as anyone should be. I have a good-paying job here (a bit above the average), yet I barely have a savings because everything goes into costs of living here. It’s disgusting how much money I spend just to survive, from taxes to shipping to petrol to housing to food; everything’s overpriced. Then the Chinese and Indian businessmen/corporations come, buy up everything, make everything more expensive, pollute our land/water, outsource everything then hire only other Chinese/Indians at the dairies all while the government (whether National-led or Labour-led) allow and even encourage it (no offense to Chinese/Indian people as there are obviously many great ones but we need to focus on the facts). And for NZers affected, all they try to do is throw money at them or other leftist policies, leaving us with nothing but a homeless population 2x the UK’s and 5x the USA’s, combined with a skyrocketing poverty rate.

    Although it was present and I knew it was impacting me, I didn’t think it was anything extreme to make me move. But NZ’s recent politics, especially after Christchurch, just makes me sick, and it’s the straw breaking the camel’s back. People here are being convicted up to 10-14 years for even distributing the manifesto or the video, and as sick as the video is, this censorship should be a human rights concern, especially because of how strong an influence the Chinese government has here. And honestly I don’t want to be a part of this when everything else in life isn’t worth a living.

    So right now, I’m just exploring my options. I get my Master’s degree next month, so I’ve been looking and applying for work in foreign countries just to try my luck, mainly via mutual connections in NZ and Skype interviews. So far I have 2 job offers: three years in Perth (Australia), or three years with a possible permanent position in Boston (USA). I need to respond to both by the end of July.

    I have Australian citizenship so Perth would be easy... but I hate Perth. It’s in the middle of nowhere and the closest other civilizations are 2500km across the Outback. I’d have to get rid of maybe half the guns my grandfather gave me because Australia bans those makes, which I don’t want to do for obvious reasons. But legally, it’s the easiest to deal with because of my citizenship, and because the standard of living there is still better than NZ, I’d still choose that.

    But the USA would be a much better choice. My fiancee wants to be by her mum and we’d probably live like half an hour away from her. I’d actually make enough money to have a savings and live. I was looking at rent prices and everything; even in the city it’s cheaper than what I pay now for a poorly-insulated flat, which is insane, although we don’t plan on living in the city. And honestly, while the USA’s foreign policy is quite concerning, the government seems to treat their residents great with freedom of speech and everything.

    I feel like this is one giant rant. But that all leads to the aforementioned questions. I can’t actually go to an embassy until maybe July, but I’m hoping I can find a few answers before.

    Would I be able to go to the USA or work there even if I was there illegally from an overstay?

    And should I make this choice? I feel this is too good to be true, so I’m just wondering if there is anything I should be warned about?
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  2. splinter

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    i heard new zealand has a chief censor

    crazy when a government has that position

    deportations shouldnt affect u unless u stay 6 months or longer i think

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    Yeah, the chief censor mainly deals with book/movie ratings like whether they’re adult material or not. But still I’d rather see a NGO do that.
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    You could always move to Bashan. It can be done since I am the King of Bashan and whatever I say happens happens and if it does not happen someone... Well... Let me say someone goes missing. I will make you my chief architect. I have two million castles but I want eight million castles, you will design them for me. Do come to Bashan! I am a dictator but I am the greatest dictator ever!!!
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    I’m game for it, mate! Sounds thrilling!
  6. onceaking

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    Okay, seriously idk. The only reason I'd move to the US is if I was offered a dream job or I was in a relationship with an Ameican woman. Having said that if I was in your position moving to the US would be my first option.
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    I would go for it if you can. I've thought about making the move myself, but have no idea where to get started. I don't think marrying an American is an absolute lock on citizenship, but maybe a way to get the paperwork rolling.

    Of course there's always Bashan. Can we own AR's in Bashan, or do we have to be a part of King Og's paramilitary death squad for that privilege?
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    Massachusetts is an interesting place. My family are all massholes :) I say that with love. Boston might be a bit of a culture shock if it's your first time living in the US but of course I'd vote for the stars and stripes over an oversized island or continent or whatever Straya is.

    Why not the west coast? The west in the best.
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    I'm not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV either. But I believe your having been deported once already may complicate things for you. For coming to the US, that is.

    Why not get on with it and marry the fiancee? Would that not make everything easier?

    Is Boston a "sanctuary city"? Then it wouldn't matter anyway.
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    What about russian visa nyc? How to obtain this is fast? I am want to visit America as soon as possible. So excited.
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  11. diaspar

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    (I haven't been to the USA or Canada)
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  12. Augie

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    It’s odd because when you were describing the conditions of your country it sounded a lot like the state I live in here in the U.S.

    Where did you finally land @MLMVSS?
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  13. MisterDirection

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    Being deported means NOTHING.
    the borders are revolving turnstiles.

    ooh you want be here legally, well that will take 50 years or so
  14. MLMVSS

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    Just outside Manchester (NH), not far from my in laws. And yeah, it’s really perspective and opportunities I suppose. I tried to stay back as long as I could and perhaps mend the things I found issues with, but it was just too expensive for anything. Lol I been here a month and I probably made as much (after expenses) as I did for 4-5 months of work. Quite sure even California was more affordable lol.

    I already am here legally :) since my wife is an American and I got visa approved.
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    I love the United States. Do it
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