Am i overthinking or am I right?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by TOR, May 12, 2019.

  1. TOR

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    I am dating this girl a long time back. We have not yet involved into sex , but have had other sort of physical fun ;) .

    Suddenly , as I bring up to her my fantasies , She tells me to settle up first. I don't why I felt so but that is what I did , I felt as if she doesn't love me. I felt as if she is with me because of my background or if she sees a secured future with me. I don't know if i am right or not but that is what I felt.

    She was the girl whom I was after and tried on for 1.5 year but she never showed any interest till then. Then I got into a college( good one ) , and we started getting closer. Finally we started dating but the thing is I am not able to get rid of this thought. Where am I wrong? What should I do ?
  2. CTRL + DEL

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    Ask her what's up.
    Have a direct conversation on the matter with her.
  3. Dag

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    Go on more dates with her and have fun.

    Eventually you guys will have sex
  4. Bereest68

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    I don't have any idea
  5. Kratos_GOW

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    Look, to be honest women tends to turn to a man who is settled. Tell me this one side is a man who has a job which is not even permanent and the other side a guy who has everything in short he is "settled". I get it that love does not see these things. But its not the 70s boy. Girls do see these things. Maybe there are exceptions. In your case, maybe she is trying to motivate you in doing this so you can provide for her. Or maybe she is one of those girls. We can't know for sure but you can. Have a conversation, see her body language. Go to dinner your choice. You will know what to do. Good luck boy
  6. Overthinking for sure. But talk to her

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