Any advice will be very helpful at this stage..

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    Hello guys. I have been addicted porn for 14 years. At first, it was curiosity that drives me to use porn. Pleasurable sensations, plenty of porn on the internet. As years passed it became an addiction, an underground thought of mind. The way of thinking has changed. performance in studies steadily come down to a point where I am standing now and that is the worst thing happened because of PMO and bad health. It is hardwired to the brain and I can't even think of recovery before. I searched for a cure about this and read many articles on different sites about the side effects, started practicing meditation. But none of this is could convince my mind to do a recovery. Depression, worries, fear, pain, shame, regret, anger this is the mind's state now. I have tried reboot before but that always leads to relapse of 4-5 times a day and shame, regret that. Now I feel if I don't stop this addiction here it would consume me. Few weeks before I had a dream implies that.

    Now 11 days passed and I felt urges, some physical pain appear in body and bone pain. I actively block porn related thoughts with some quotes or "restricted thought" in mind. I am usually a calm person, but for the last few days, I could not find any interest in talking to people I love and I get too serious without any reason. Abstaining PMO along with thoughts of study and job drive me crazy. Mood swings become frequent.

    Any advice about this will be very helpful.
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  2. whatever you are doing now is working and it is vital you stick to that. Understand that between now and maybe day 60, you will face a frenzy of emotion and mood swings. This is required for healing though. You will go through so much change. Just never forget why you started. Even now, try to recall the immense motivation you felt after your last relapse. Stick to your routine. You’re doing great!
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    Man believe me, i am now in the middle of my third week, my first urge came nearly as you, on my 12th day,

    I spent two hard days, i was bitting my pillows from pain allover my body, what exagerated the effect is the insomnia.

    My strategy was: watch the urge as a third person, see it as a wave that will go up and then hit the shore to disappear, don't staand in front of it + believe that you are not the urge, you are good , the urge is bad but not you + porn is not an option, it is just some pixels, you don't need porn + breathing technique went very well with me, changing my way of breathing from inconcouss to concouss distracts my mind from thoughts.

    From my place i should tell you it is very hard, but it deservd, when it is gone you will fell that your mind and body are your own, you will proud, satisfied, strong. Again it deserves.

    I am waiting for your thread when you pass your urge to motivate us.
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    Brother dont suppress your thoughts of P its human nature. Try to read some spiritual books and self help book search on google thats work alot believe me..
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    Sometimes emotions are very hard to control. I used to keep myself occupied. I'm doing good now but I fear a relapse when the mindset and motivation fade away after small success.
    Thanks for the motivation @goodnice 2.0
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    thank you. I'm staying strong.
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