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    I am sure that rebooting is way of warrior. What do you say about transform reboot to increasing Saiyans power?

    Level 1 (0 - 14 day)
    Saiyan [PICTURE]

    Started as simple Saiyan. Huge potential is hiding deep because as far we do not fight with very strong enemy. But now we have a lot of new challenges so our forces increasing. We are preparing to battle with terrible opponent about which we heart. So during training we are better and better and when it comes we become..

    Level 2
    (15 - 29 day)
    Super Saiyan [PICTURE]

    Legends proven! You can reach higher level with many benefits but is harder to stay on it. Now you are much, much stronger. Finally your enemy is defeated but this is not end of your challenges. New variant of the opponent, new requirements. No one can't stop your training!

    Level 3
    (30 - 44 day)
    Ultra Super Saiya-jin [PICTURE]

    In next level you achieve huge strength but is one problem: your agility is worse. You are now great warrior but still have to improve your skills and find better solutions. So when you do not stop the training you will reach..

    Level 4 (45 - 59 day)
    Super Saiyan Full Power [PICTURE]

    Amazing! SSJ Full Power is a level with lots of requirements. But you did it! Perfect strength with excellent agility. And maybe most important: you can stay calm. But it is still too less. What now? If you train hard you will discover next level:

    Level 5 (60 - 74 day)
    Super Saiyan 2 [PICTURE]

    God damn. No one can stop you. You will definitely defeat your enemy when you will train so hard. Your next (and maybe last!) enemy will be unimaginably strong, can you reach much higher?

    Level 6 (75 - 90 day)
    Super Saiyan 3 [PICTURE]

    This is the power you can protect hole universe. Congratulations! You are the strongest creature ever. But do you want to stay on this level? There is still in front of you..

    Level 7 (+100 day)
    Super Saiyan God [PICTURE]

    Advices for future Super Saiyans:
    • sometimes when your enemy will be too strong you will require assistance. Remember about your family and friends. Talking about your struggling is a good time for regeneration and develop excellent strategy of battle. Remember that genki-dama is the most powerful attack, not kamehameha!
    • remember what Vegeta understood when Goku was fighting with Majin Buu:
    In the end I never succeeded in surpassing you.
    First I thought that you had something what you earnestly wanted to protect..
    and your belief in the protection of this has resulted in a influx of misterious power.
    That could be true, but if so, then I might as well be myself.

    I fought for my provisions, for my own satisfaction,
    for killing enemies as well as for my proud.
    But you, Kakarotto, you were different. You did not fight to win,
    you fight to make sure that you did not loose,
    to cross your own limits.

    This is why you did not care receiving life for your opponents.
    In the end, you never gave me a final blow.
    As you know that there is a good bit in my heart.
    It is so frustrating! Maybe it was supposed to be Saiyan
    who love to fight and was good-natured.
    Hold on, Kakarotto! You are number one!

    • when Saiyans are defeated they never break down. During healing their forces are extremely increasing and in the next battle they will be much stronger. So when you are defeat just eat Senzu Beans and move on!
    • and the most important: remember that you do not want to end up like Muten Roshi:

    And you? What is your level now?
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