Any of you feel like you spend too much time on here?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by The Shadow Boxer, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. The Shadow Boxer

    The Shadow Boxer Fapstronaut

    Maybe it's just me but ever since I started taking the nofap goal seriously again I've been spending a good amount of time on this website everyday because it's kind of addicting to me to know I have people actually backing me on something for once. Maybe it's because of the void I have in my routine not having porn there anymore. What do you guys usually do to keep yourselves busy after you got rid of porn? I mean I exercise, study, and go to work, but what else can I do? I know this free time will most likely come to haunt me in the form of urges like it has already...
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  2. The_Übermensch

    The_Übermensch Fapstronaut

    I come here strategiclly instead of wondering off into porn sites when im idle for a moment. Better hanging out here then the other. Eventually as we evolve into great men we wont need either one my friend.Find something you love or are passionate about and fill all your free time crafting that. Or try a bunch of random new things youve never done before, like take a dance class or a cooking class etc. I did the second one last summer, stepped out of my comfort zone a bit and just signed up for random stuff every week and man did i have a lot of freekin fun and met a lot of great people. Now im focused on my passion for music so between doing that for a few hours everyday, work and the gym i dont have much time for anything else. Good luck.
  3. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear Fapstronaut

    I think it's just the nature of the internet. Think of the millions of people out there who are logging on to Facebook every ten seconds. It just goes to show that there is something very addictive about human nature... or there is something very wrong with our society....

    Logging off for an hour.:)
  4. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear Fapstronaut

    Some beautiful music to punctuate the silence:

  5. Vinsent

    Vinsent Fapstronaut

    I come here alot for reality checks or to put my thoughts into words (i update my status regularly) which i then reflect on whenever someone "likes" one of my status updates. I never thought much of the "likes" but i have come to realise their subversive value.
    Coming here most certainly helps me to keep on the path of recovery.
    Ultimately I'd prefer to not need either and for now i spend a great amount of time at work as my time filler....May as well focus on my career.
  6. stygian

    stygian Fapstronaut

    No, I do not feel I spend too much time here. Time here is well spent.
  7. YngwieWanksteen

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    I don't get too hard on myself for free time that I don't spend too constructively. If I make plans to play guitar and end up playing video games instead, I feel I still achieved my goal. Whether that's spending too much time on this site either.
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  8. Bransdo

    Bransdo Fapstronaut

    This is very valuable time, the more time spent on here during recovery means the less time to think about getting a quick release. Plus just going on here gets you constantly motivated!
  9. iWILL123

    iWILL123 Fapstronaut

    yea, I'm spending too much time here. I'm procrastinating on my HW rather than completing it for good on my day off
  10. Fap_Doc

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    It seems as though a great many people spend an excessive amount of time on this site. If you think your life will be fixed as soon as you take porn out and replace it with a forum you either had no life or had a shitty life in either case porn is the least of your problems. I say this with all seriousness: get a life.
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  11. I feel like that too sometimes. Just slowly spend less time here, or do something else while you are here if you can. Maybe even go play Mass Effect like I been doing. Andromeda.
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  12. universal

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    This is a great place to pass the time esp if you come on here when you have the urge to watch porn. This is def a better option
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