Apps to track your NoFap Progress

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  1. gunslinger215

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    This is not a paid advertisement lol.
    But I found two good apps to help me get through my reboot.

    1. Sober Time (Android, iOS)
    This app lets you create a counter and lets you track your progress. It can show multiple counters at once. I find it useful when I’m feeling down because I take a look at how much progress I’ve made and it motivates me to continue.

    2. Calm (Android, iOS)
    This is a good app when you want to meditate. Let’s you select different types of calming sounds to help you relax and meditate.

    If you guys have any other suggestions, post them below!
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  2. Sawako Kuronuma

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    My Journal
    My SO actually got me a years subscription a while back for Calm, it's a good app and I like it a lot better than one called Headspace. I really need to make a habit of doing that each day at the same time, hopefully increasing the time as well to get the best benefits.

    Have you noticed anything positive from using Calm everyday yet?
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  3. SilentJay313

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    I think R/Tribe would be one to consider looking at.
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  4. gunslinger215

    gunslinger215 Fapstronaut

    Yep, it helps me get in the right state of mind where I don’t get urges and just let every perverse thought go away
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