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  1. I live in a happy marriage, thank you.
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    Two take aways from this:
    1. Social dominance hierarchies do exist. Especially among males. We move both UP and DOWN these hierarchies, no one is always at the top or at the bottom.
    2. The impact of sex on these hierarchies is significant but not the only factor. PMO is a form of sexual action but is submissive to any performers in the videos either male or female, because you are not actually receiving sex from the female and as another member has pointed out by 'delivering' the female to another male.

    My conclusion: Abstaining from PMO will affect your ability in dominance hierarchies in a positive way.
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    Why try be alpha?

    You think you will wake up one morning and realise you are now alpha and you will have every lasting happiness?

    There are some good traits that people have mentioned but aiming to become alpha to pick up girls is unhealthy.

    Practice non-attachment. To everything. If a chick knows your happiness is dependant on her then she has you by the balls. She knows that if one person can determine your happiness then the rest of world will fuck you even harder, and she’ll lose all trust in you. Love women, respect women, be compassionate towards women, but don’t get attached to them.

    Never be dependant on anything else for your happiness. Money, sex, material possessions, looks, instagram followers.

    Turn your search inwards. Learn to be happy with nothing. People will be drawn to you.

    • the way of the superior man
    • the power of now

    Don’t read
    • The game
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    Seeking your true purpose in life and abandoning the idea of being an "alpha" male.
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    I liked your post, man!!! Spot on!!!
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    - don't worry about being an alpha male.
    Just aspire towards being one through your actions eventually your habits will build the character you want. Alphas simply know they are, they don't try and follow a guideline on how to be. Nothing is less alpha than wondering whether or not you are one. It's merely a matter of having self confidence and acting with integrity.
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    I became into alpha male reading about 12 years ago when it all started taking place. I read something similar to The Game (though less faceted) and applied the general rules to my life. Over the last 10 years my life has, on an objective external level, suffered some experience building... Lot of crazy psycho women etc, I've had marriages, a kid and Alpha male stuff went by the back burner though was in there still and as some of the comments here have suggested it has many good qualities that many in nofap would support - being fit and healthy, not being a beta wanky guy etc.

    That said, I've now returned to Game and am going to read as much as I can not because I necessarily wanna take home some blonde bimbo but because I see a lot of work and experimentation went into these methods. We can implement them in our relationships though I always did feel as others have said here that's if it translates to people as 'be a dick, girls will want you' that's negative though I think that's a misreading of it. Maybe it can be manipulated in those shallow contexts though it's all psychology like Tony Robbins etc.

    I do need a bit of a pick me up so may use it when I want. I'm pretty good at it and never learnt all the silly lines, just a natural alpha I guess. A girl called me that the other day - 'you're such a leader to me' she said. I did want to have her as we've had a long thing going on for ages though she's got a lot less fit. It would have been a charitable good deed of I'm honest and she still palmed me off with the gotta go and shit. Insecure bird anyway.

    But point is, a real man, I feel, can see the good in everything. Not use it for evil (as one of the PUAs in Game even said proudly that what he was doing was evil).

    I do though have this side of me - that wants to get my own back on these women who rule over men today with sex. They hold the keys to that and they shouldn't!

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