Benefits/Disavantages of nofap after 90 days and why I start to fap again

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    Ok this going to be honest review from long-term Fapstronaut I will share the benefits and the disavantages of it on my personality personally for me.

    Before the nofap I was very underground person and Used to stay on home because I was stressed to go to resturantes/being in social thing and so on and so on. so I just order uber eats most of the time but I wasn't completely nerd I mean I had some confidence and self esteem but anxiety at the same time.
    I got to meet some nice people an girl friend that love me etc
    and I like my personality overall (with the person I like to be)

    After the nofap 3 months:

    No social anxiety at all no anxiety i go everywhere I want with confidence and I think about other thing that are not sex. but my personality has changed and I no longer had the good connection with the people I knew
    Also my self-esteem decrease

    Because when I fap

    I imagine it to details how I fug the girl and she catch my leg or hug me etc I don't do porn
    I imagine nice thing that has good benefits on my personality and self esteem
    this the explantion of why i change
    and when I did sex in this period it wasn't as long as my imigination
    it ended in 3 minutes and didn't effect my mind enough


    I back to fap. but not as much as i used to do before 3-4 time a day
    I'm gonna fap 2-3 times a week maybe every day one time let's see
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