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Benefits I'm Seeing After 90 Days!!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Soccerfan115, May 24, 2022.

  1. Helpless Hand

    Helpless Hand Fapstronaut

    Great post, thank you for the inspiration. I've had 90 days as a benchmark in mind for a while now, but the closest I've come is 33 days. Considering the number of years I, and many of us on here, have indulged in PMO, the one thing we can know for sure is that this journey will be a fight. As you point out though, we just have to embrace it and rest assured that what waits on the other side is worth it.
  2. Soccerfan115, I have read tons of success stories in an attempt to motivate myself to quit porn, and none have inspired me quite like yours.

    It's brutally honest about the pain In quitting, and I know for a fact porn addiction is responsible for my severe social issues with women especially, and my self worth has plummeted as a result.

    I want to transform, I want severe remorse for the wrong that I have done, and most importantly, I want to become a Man, and I am starting today.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your story, I have learnt much from it.
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  3. afgm

    afgm Fapstronaut

    First of all i thank you for this post and i truly want to read the next two.
    I've always struggled with the urges before sleep. The urges when you go to bed and your about to sleep and boom!
    it hits like a mo...r fu...r !
    Obviously in this moment you can't sit down or going outta house or take a "cold shower" because you trying to fu..ing sleep !
    Do you have any advice for this type of urge!?
  4. LuccaVelez

    LuccaVelez Fapstronaut

    Such a great advice my friend, keep it up!

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