Boyfriend’s addiction is ruining everything. + he is sexting people online.

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by x0sugar, Jul 13, 2019.

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    Hey girl ,

    I went through the same thing. We been on and off and nothing has change. He will not change. And he doesn’t love you ! That’s just what he will say to keep you around longer. Don’t make the mistakes I did, just leave .. it will hurt for a long time but you will be free and able to find a person who really loves you . Good luck babes
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    As someone who is recovering I can relate.
    I got busted on tinder doing a similar thing. I never had any intention of meeting any of the women in real life. I was basically just doing it for jerk off material. I even wrote very descriptive emails to sex workers for the same reason. Never visited any of them, it just made me horny talking to them.

    I got busted and it was a similar story to yours except I was the one in the wrong.
    In my opinion where you go next depends on how hard he is willing to work. My girlfriend interrogated me until I cried, it was very tense. But I told her everything. We had a few days apart before meeting up and talking when our heads were cooler and calmer.

    It was a long talk but I agreed to have blocking and tracking software on all my electronics that will also alert her if I try anything and I am also wearing a chastity device for a few months. Im doing this because I REALLY REALLY want her in my life and was prepared to make big sacrifices to make it happen. Do I want my penis locked in an uncomfortable device all the time? of course I don't. But I was willing to do whatever it took to keep her in my life. If he feels the same about you then have a talk and see what he is willing to do to prove he wants you.

    But if he says he will change but is not willing to offer any guarantee or make any real sacrifice to make it happen then it might not be worth the effort for you to stay around.
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    Story of my life

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