Can someone who's an introvert become an extrovert?

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  1. I know that I have social anxiety, but I'm also quite introverted. It's such an effort for me to communicate with other people. I find it to be exhausting and such a drag to socialize. I watch other people interacting and I always notice how excited they are to talk and get to know others. How do they have so much social energy and enthusiasm? I always hear about how extroverts get energized through social interaction while introverts need more time alone to sort of recharge. This is so true for me, but I hate it! So answer me this...can an introvert become an extrovert?
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    Extroverts are excited and energized because they are interested in sharing / collaborating / interacting with others.

    If you don't find socializing interesting or fun, then you'll be treating it more like a chore that you force yourself to do rather than being there because you want to.

    Everyone can be an extrovert and an introvert in different ratios. It depends on what you're interested in doing. If you're not too good at socializing with others at the moment, then you'll be more likely to go back to what you know (being alone). It's something you have to work at and go out of your comfort zone.
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    Personally, I do feel that I become more extroverted when I'm able to stay off the porn and live a healthier life in general. I do enjoy my solitude and alone time, but I also love human interaction, and feel more stimulated by it the longer I live this lifestyle. Again, that's just me, I can't speak for anyone else.

    My personal opinion...introvert and extrovert are just merely labels that human beings have invented. Or, to maybe put it better, I think these are very black and white terms that explain a very grey area of personal characteristics and preferences. It's your life. If you want to become more extroverted, or in other words, if you want to become better socially, start pushing on the boundaries of your comfort zone little by little.
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  4. Gotta get out of that comfort zone, or more like “cozy cage” in my experience. Pmo puts a wall between us and others. If you kill it, and also make an effort to interact with others, that wall will crumble.
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    I'd probably recommend focusing less on social interactions, and focus on hobbies you like doing and then doing them with others. It's okay to take people in small doses, and it's okay to spend time with just yourself and do things by yourself. Society has put a stigma on it, but ignore it. You can go out to dinner on your own, you can go to the movies on your own, and have fun. You can enjoy your own company.

    I'm introverted, and sometimes its better to have people in small doses. Think of what kind of activities you might like to do as a group, maybe a sport, maybe going to see a music show.
  6. Thanks for all of your replies. I'm thinking more on this and realizing that I do enjoy being around people. I think that much of my problem is that I lack assertiveness. I get easily annoyed with people and I think that being unable to hold my position and express myself often leads to exhaustion and wanting to withdraw. Being able to just let go and be myself would really take a lot of the load off. It's just difficult to do when I've always behaved so guarded around people. It could also be that I'm not finding the right people.
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    I tend to be like that too, taking a long time to warm up and be myself. My recommendation is still to be in situations, in activities and hobbies where the focus is off of the social interaction itself, and the interaction of the hobby. Warming up is a lot easier when everyone is participating in the same activity, and sometimes you don't have to say anything at all for a long time, until you are comfortable.

    What do you find annoys you about people ? Few people share the same characteristics, identifying it and avoiding those kinds of people is a good idea too.
  8. I am also suffer from social anxiety and I'm also introverted to. Yes, so much energy is sucked out of me when talking to people. I think over time a introvert can fake it till he makes it, or is the master of disguise to extroverts. I don't know if deep down they can truly change unless other characteristics of someone are changed as well. I feel as though some days I'm an ambivert; I have no problem talking to people and it almost wakes me up. Other days it's like I'm a hermit and I refuse to carry long conversations with anyone, even if they are close to me. I hope I properly displayed my opinion in that mini rant.
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    Different people have different needs. Some like to talk with each and every people they meet whereas some talk to selected ones. In my case, i just like talking to selected people. The reason is that there are some people whom i found who will always take advantage of you, some will keep saying unnecessary things about you no matter how well you treat them. So staying away from such toxic people has helped me a lot and has rewarded me with peace of mind. They do comment sometimes that i am an introvert but i ignore them because i know being a lone wolf is much better than joining a pack of idiots.
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  10. What annoys me about some people is that they can be pushy, insensitive, and egotistical. Again I realize that they are who they are and for the most part, decent people who mean well. It is my responsibility to respect myself and not allow others to dictate my emotions. I need to learn to hit back instead of internalizing everything. I'm not saying that the people in my life mistreat or bully me. I'm pretty well liked, but I think it's because I'm so easygoing and passive. I guess basically what I'm saying is that I need to be more of a dick sometimes because it's not just about being liked for me. I want to be respected. I'm thinking about reading "no more mr. nice guy". Heard good things about it.
    As far as avoiding people with these characteristics, it's not an option for me as some are family and I'm close with them. I just have learned to take them in small doses, otherwise my blood pressure will go through the roof!! Lol. I'm rambling a bit here, but yeah, I guess to sum it up, it's on me. I'm introverted because I exhaust myself around others. I do do assert and express myself on occasion and it's amazing how people respond. Just gotta set the tone more often I guess.
  11. Im extrovert only with certain type of people but if im somwhere new im shy as fuck it is anoying:/
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    My Journal
    Why do you want to become someone who you aren't?
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    No you can't become extroverted if you are introverted. Extroverted and Introverted are ways of dealing with energy. Extroverted gets energy by interaction with people, while introverted gets energy by spending time alone, reading a book, etc. This doesn't say that an introvert is always shy. You have outgoing-introverts and shy-extroverts.
    If you are introverted you can still become outgoing person and extrovert person can be shy. You can google on it to get more information.

    For example: I love to talk in front of people while giving a presetation, but I find it very hard to talk to random people I don't know. While there are introverts that can do this pretty easy.
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  14. You shouldn't change who you are man. I'm an introvert, yet I can still talk to girls and go out and meet people. I just don't want to sometimes hahaha. There's a difference between being an introvert and having social anxiety. One makes you terrified to talk to anyone and makes you nervous in social situations while the other makes you want to be completely alone at times, which is perfectly fine. There are times where I just have to be by myself and almost recharge, so I know how it feels. Anyway, as far as changing yourself into an extrovert, I'd say it's probably unlikely unless you're on certain drugs or alcohol. Even if you did somehow become an extrovert I think it would be more of an act and you'd be trying to change who you really are. There's nothing wrong with being an introvert, but social anxiety can definitely be a real pain in the ass. I'd say work more on that and just accept that you're an introvert. Hell, I enjoy being an introvert. It's not all bad bro. Anyway, good luck.
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  15. Thanks for your reply. It's a confusing concept for me because I sometimes wonder if the social anxiety has caused me to be an introvert. I find myself caught in two mindsets. One part of me craves being alone while the other longs for more human connection.
  16. This guy is on point right here. I too am an introvert, but I can still greet people, especially girls, and hold conversations comfortably with people I don't know.

    I'm just more disinclined to go to concerts, parties, and other large group settings because I can't be bothered. And even then, I get used to it. For example, I just started college and I really didn't want to go to an in-person math class because I'm introverted. But after a couple weeks, I'm now completely content in attending.

    If the scenario is comfortable enough for me, I can even become quite extroverted. :p

    I say don't worry about being an introvert. Fight against social anxiety and the best way I can think of to do that is to avoid PMO. Stay off that and you'll see that it's just all in your head.
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    I am an introvert, someone who enjoys doing stuff alone. Being alone and being lonely is quite different.

    People often interchange introverts and shyness. Although I am introvert, but not shy.
  18. Truegamer007

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    If you are an introvert, you can become an extrovert, but you have to become a conscious extrovert. See this vid for more info.
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  19. I am an ISFJ, according to the Myers-Briggs type Indicator®. The I in my profile stands for introverted. My social anxiety has become quite debilitating in recent years. I can see how my social anxiety may be improved, but I cannot see me becoming an extrovert by nature.
  20. Truegamer007

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    "It's not who you are inside but what you do that defines you."
    If for all intents and purposes, you behave as though you were an extrovert, are you still an introvert?

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