Can university drag me down ?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BadAtChoosingNames, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. BadAtChoosingNames

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    Today i listened to some podcast for porn/gaming addicts.
    In those they talked about how they helpless and have no direction in life. Any other hobby/activity feels empty and stall to them. That they feel everybody around them has a better life and how worthless they feel.
    I thought about my life right now and i feel very similar right now. I look youtube all day, meet friends time to time and do nothing for university. My head feels empty and there not much thoughts in my head anymore, it feels more like an autopilot.
    I neglected healthy eating, going to the gym regulary, reading books, healthy sleep habits.

    Between my first semestre and now where i repeat this semestre i had 6 months of no university. I jobbed 3 times a week for 4-6 hours, went to the gym 4-6 times a week, had planned meals, slept healthy and spend time with hobbys and friends. My life felt fullfiling and i was confident, my thoughts were clearer and my porn habbits where better. I had many 20+ days streaks and i explored my sexuality.

    Now since university started again i see how all the things i did and felt in this 6 months starts declining slowly. Is it in context with university ? Does it and its giant workload of learning material drag me down ?
  2. lolos

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    Yeah it can, what are you going to do though, not go to uni? But I don't think this is the case with you. You said you neglected other things in your life and do nothing for uni. Actually the more I read the more this seems like depression. How bad are your sleeping and eating habits right now? Try to get back to sleeping, eating, gyming and reading like you were with no uni. If you can't get back to that routine within two months, or you still feel this way after two months of being in the routine definitely go to a psychologist
  3. Informius

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    Uni always drags me down - if I don't do enough for uni!

    Then I have the constant feeling that I should do something, without doing anything.
    Whenever I actually do something for university, I feel amazing! I think you have to be productive in order to be happy.

    The problem with university is: nobody is forcing you to be productive!
    That's the good thing about a stable job - it is easier to stay on track. If you struggle in university and fall into a pit, it's harder to get out than with a stable job.
  4. Son of Midgaard

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    Only thing you get out of uni, at best, is a master, a degree or a bulding block for some other career then originally intended. I've dropped out of countless courses and program out of the very reason you mention, aswell as: it is just so predictable and Politically correct I lose interest in becoming an beta cuck again when I work so hard with myself keeping in line with good philosophical and spiritual content that goes against feminism etc.

    It seems it draws in alot of validation-seeking and insecure and plain stupid people these days, so I usually become increasingly isolated when I wen't and dropping out is inevitable if you do not wanna endure years of social stigma and I unfortunately has not had such a great social support network I felt I could fight for my core values without getting to personal about it.
  5. itz_gioc

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    To be honest being in a university is a privilege. This is where you have to remain busy for the next 4 years. It’s the opportunity to explore and learn new things. Remember to seek out help and suggestions from the right people and make connections with them. Whatever your trying to pursue I suggest to remain focus on your studies and then SLOWLY apply eating healthy and exercise.

    You just need to have the DISCIPLINE and learn how to manage your TIME. Whenever your on a NoFap streak again then this will give you the energy boost that your craving for! You probably experienced all the benefits of NoFap I’m not sure but try to apply it through your studies and use it to your advantage.

    If the things you see promote lust and negative things then ignore it. Relapses will bring you back to the same mindset of PMO and all that energy will be wasted. Just keep in mind that YOU have the option to keep striving toward your goals or have these MINOR blocks bring you down. It’s your journey man, you gotta take it how it is. There will be a lot of good days and bad days. Your not the only one going on this journey. Are you gonna let mere negative talk bring you down? Or are you gonna do something about your life and make things better? The choice is yours.

    No pressure.. lol
  6. Nicko Stretch

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    Are you clear about why you are at university? Are you following you core beliefs and values? Do you know what your core beliefs and values are?

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