Can you love now ? [ Love /Lust ]

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Mr.Tony, Dec 11, 2020.

  1. Mr.Tony

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    I'm 61 days NoFap, i'm starting to understand how love is supposed to feel, how a relationship based on love of the partner is all about!

    Notice the word "Love", Not the Teenage or Twilight kind of love... I'm talking about loving and caring about someone. And being ready to live the rest of your life togather as friends and partners. Despite not being so beautiful, but i care more about the inner beauty. Being kind and all kinds good things that makes a relationship beautiful.

    Prior to NOFAP, all i remember is Lust, How hot she is and what type of body p*rt are perfect for using...

    It's true, you will see women as sex object. If you consume too much P#&!, It's too dangerous.

    This might most likely destroy people's relationship...

    I wounder if you are able to Love now ?
    Your level of Dopamine needs to be so low so that you can enjoy small things.

    I wish you great life if you have a partner and if you don't, Good luck find someone who understand you and love for who you are till the end of your life.
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    Ask for the perfect lover and she will definitely show up when you are ready.
    Don't force it.
    Keep working on yourself.
    It us true, you still appreciate physical beauty but it will never be the main thing to look for.
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    Thanks for the kind wishes
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    Well, I can love better for sure in terms of caring. But I don't need sex anymore so looking more for friendship, same values and beliefs, rather than good looks or promising romantic love.
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