Can you PMO yourself to an early grave?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by FromZeroToNinety, Aug 2, 2019.

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    Is it possible? I am asking because I have the feeling that most addicts (myself included) haven't really understood the severity of the addiction. If it is possible, how would it look like? Would all the build up anxiety and stress from PMO lead to a heart attack? To a stroke? To cancer?
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    I think there can be very drastic mental problems caused by PMO. Not in and of itself but the stress caused, guilt you may feel, and “wear and tear”, can definitely take a toll on you physically.

    I compare it to weed similarly. You almost grow up your whole life with peers telling you, “Oh, it’s fine, it’s natural”. When in reality, in excess moderation it can be harmfully destructive. If you’ve gotten to this point where you’re on NoFap looking for help, it’s probably serious and you want a change...

    In short, no I don’t believe this can directly kill you lol- physically. But it can eat at you from the inside, and it’s good to seek help where you can get it. You don’t want to give yourself a harder time than this already is. With the worrying and all... hope this helps
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    It is a very serious addiction. I positively need to believe that people are learning more and more about it each day, and spreading awareness. Especially with a forum like this.
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  4. Personally mate I will not shy away and say from what I've read from other accounts of withdrawal be it from all kinds of drugs the mental aspect of mine has been just under benzodiazepines from what I've read on benzo recovery sites. Dont get me wrong alcohol withdrawals can kill you in acute and so can benzos but the protracted withdrawal, anhedonia, insomnia, etc has stuck around for over 22 months for me.
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  5. This may be a very hard confrontation but we know that dopamine addiction as in porn addiction downregulates levels of serotonin over time. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter targeted by most antidepressant medications. Depression in some cases can cause suicidal ideation, in rarer cases (lethal) attempts. I've been in a clinical depression because of withdrawal but for me it's mostly been severe anxiety, however, under different circumstances, I get why some people succumb. I totally get it. This addiction is capable of eradicating every bit of positive emotion a person has left, especially if they are already sensitive to stress. It does this through various physical processes, but ironically it's only when someone goes through withdrawal indeed that the effect of the addiction can be fully measured.
    It's only then that you can truly know what porn is really capable of, because when you're still addicted there is no way of knowing how it truly affects you. This withdrawal, call it disease, because that's what it is, is bad enough, but for some the incomprehension of others with regards to this inner turmoil, may be another unbearable stressor to take. People in this condition will often be stigmatized, looked down upon, told it's all in their heads, when they are really dealing with something no person should ever have to go through. Part of it can be blamed on the addict, but for the most part, you just can't help but wonder what is wrong with society. A lot of suffering really can be prevented.

    There is a darkness that is hiding behind this habit, a mask if you will, that is capable of sucking the living daylights out of people once it unleashes itself as withdrawal sets in. It can be utter hell to quit if you've had a habit like this for the better part of a decade. The price a porn addict will have to pay more often than not will be happiness, in rare cases, God forbid perhaps even life itself.
    Physically it will probably take a lot to fap yourself to an early grave but one thing's for certain, it will always cost energy and vitality, enough to land a person in a real clinical depression. Porn in its most toxic form is still quite new, so there's not a lot of data to be found about it causing acute trauma, but if it can pose a lethal risk to anyone it will primarily be to older people, the excitement and the adrenalin rush in some cases may be too much for an older body to take. There are stories of people of age dying during sex, porn isn't too different in terms of excitement, perhaps even worse... Fortunately most older people don't use porn but at the same time you start wondering what kind of threat it can pose to these younger generations. If someone doesn't succesfully quit before the age of 50 or 60, that can be a real problem.
    Some doctors have called masturbation 'a sort of slow suicide.' Doctor Lawrence Wilson comes to mind. To quote this doctor from his website; "End the habit, which is slow suicide and like raping yourself gently. Do not be too ashamed or embarrassed about it, however. Just move on.

    1. Rapid aging and an early death. This is a horrible syndrome in which one’s vitality goes down and one may feel exhausted, even as a teenager, or as a young man or woman. The hair may turn gray, the body may become thin and lose muscle, and one feels old. This is why masturbation, which some feel is okay, is really a form of slow death or suicide."

    Also this... Prostate cancer has been found to be more common in men who had a masturbation habit in their youth. This is frightening to say the least.
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    I don't think so..
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    Uhhh no it wont. It affects dopamine its reward pathway hormone levels and sexual confidence. The consequences of the addiction could lead to other behaviors that cause other issues but porn will not give you a stroke or a heart attack..........
  8. I have developed blood pressure for mindless masturbation for almost two decades. Throughout these years I have always postponed quitting this sick thing week after week. If you are reading this and is an addict to pmo, an alcoholic is better than you, time will reveal the truth to you at the right time.
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    I have to say that this here PMO problem/“addiction”, is not comparable to alcoholism, or any other drug addiction/dependency. It is totally it’s own modern phenomenon. Yes, there are some traits that are similar. Like of course the dopamine effect.

    But, there are only two chemical dependencies that can actually kill you from withdrawal. 1. Being alcohol...
    2. Being valium/maybe other prescription medication
    But only those two things will kill you from withdrawal.
    So I can’t concur that alcoholism is better than being addicted to pornography. If anything they are just 2 seperate things. And you should never think of yourself like an alcoholic. Even though it’s tempting.

    Heroin will make you feel like you’re dying from withdrawal. The same is with PMO abstinence. The problem is the PMO is for 90 days approximately give or take.
    Heroin is maybe 3 days. But see, once you’re out of it, you’ll be fine.
    Staying off is another thing. 90 days of noFap is the easy part. Think of it like that to help get you through !!
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  10. PMO turns you into a zombie. It is a sort of living death. When you are with people, you aren't really there. You are objectifying the woman around you, and waiting for the next chance to be alone with your screen and the pixels you can call up on it. When you are alone, all thoughts turn toward PMO. It is all-consuming. Your mind and thoughts are no longer under your control. Your emotions are all over the place and completely disconnected form reality. You lie to everyone, mostly yourself. All so you can keep hunting for the next perfect scene or sequence to reach that elusive PMO high that lasts for all of a few moments.

    PMO may not destroy the body the way substance abuse or disease can, but it absolutely destroys your mind, your relationships, your sense of reality, and your very soul. You may look fine on the outside, but inside you are rotting away, empty except for the cheap plastic thrill of PMO. When you are deep in PMO, you are already dead and in hell. It is one of the most awful places to be.
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    Just a few things for you to consider:

    1. Following MO, the heart rate undergoes a mild depression in terms of frequency, which lasts for 24 hours. For those of you who realized it easier for your limbs to fall asleep the days after tou jack off, this is why.

    2. The levels of dopamine release from MO are unparalleled by any other natural stimulant, with the exception of weed. This does extensive damage to the hippocampus, afflicting a person's memory, concentration and motivation in general. These changes take months-years to undo satisfactorily.

    3. Regular masturbation increases your likelihood of developing benign hyperplasia of the prostate. For thise of you conscious enough to notice a numbing sensation in the perineum following prolonged edging / binging, this is the reason you feel that way.

    As a medical student, I know better than to jump the gun and use the above three points to just blatantly conclude that MO can cause you heart disease (point 1), Alzheimer's (point 2) and prostate cancer (point 3), but I have certainly been taught to correlate symptoms and diseases, and these are the natural conclusions any medically sound individual may derive.

    Simply speaking, I'm not saying that PMO will mess up your brain, heart and prostate; i'm just saying I sure as hell won't be surprised if it does.

    Hopefully, you understand what I mean.

    Don't find out the hard way.
  12. The 90 days hypothesis is outdated. Many more people are going well over that in recovery nowadays.
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    For real, when I’m around other people, they don’t even care or notice but I don’t feel like myself.
    Like I don’t even remember what or how I was before this. It’s like I left the real me in my pre-pubescent pre-teen era before all this started. Man things were much simpler then. I think you have to take your mind back to where you were before all this PMO really came to dictate your life.

    But I agree a lot with what u said. The brain fog is so bad sometimes, my short term memory, like trying to think of a word, etc., you name it...
    And yeah sometimes I feel like I’m not myself or no personality. I kinda hate it. Do you/did you ever feel like that ??
    I mean I have good days and bad days as far as that goes.
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    I developed a heart problem in my mid 30's - which was also my peak PMO phase of life. I have a disturbance in the electrical function of the left side of the heart. I first noticed chest pain (sometimes it feels like someone is standing on my chest), and a heart beat that can be very unsteady. At that point I didn't even think about PMO being the cause, because of the whole "porn can't be bad for you" culture that we live in.

    I can't prove that this is related to PMO, but to me it seems pretty obvious just in terms of how I feel "before and after". When I abstain for long periods (well, upwards of 2 weeks) I generally have good energy etc, but after PMO I can feel my heart struggling (I'm prone to black-outs due to low blood-pressure) and I've got very little physical (or mental) stamina. I am convinced that if I continued going the way I was I would be dead by now (I'm in my late 40's). As it is I am fearful for my long term health, because I hit PMO without any real attempt to stop for 25 years (hours every day), and only started trying to stop 11 years ago (which is actually a long time!) and still haven't managed to quit completely.

    So there may be a lack of evidence or science, but this is a new phenomenon. In time I think it will be proven to be a serious medical problem, but to do this there needs to be a shift in the way that porn and excessive masturbation are seen by society before people can even start to talk about it seriously. If the 13 year old me knew what I know now I would have avoided porn like the plague. Whatever age you are, I think there are real health benefits to stopping, or at least cutting back as much as you can. At the end of the day, for anyone reading this who is reasonably young, I wouldn't worry about it too much - as long as you quit! You should be naturally resilient enough to bounce back. But for older long term users, I'm not so sure.
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    Glad to hear of this.

    I'll definitely do some research into this, although to be fair tachycardia can be exacerbated by activities which strain the heart (MO ofc), and not the other way around. It's likely you noticed it because you were so... active... during that period.

    Ironically, this could be a good thing, because it's much better to identify a heart disease at 30 or 40 than at 60, when it shows up as a heart attack.

    Of course, this doesn't eliminate the fact that the opposite argument could hold true. With the way I've been taught medicine, however, doctors will give you this response.

    Thanks for sharing this.
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    Addicts don't understand the gravity and gravity of the situation because they are drugged and the brain blocks everything. It turns out that if the brain is blocking, then you don't care. I say this because I am a former drug addict myself and I remember all these arguments with the brain. Your problem is that you think you're going to die from worrying about it, but it's actually the drugs that are going to kill you. I managed to overcome myself and my addiction, every time I want to take a dose, I imagine how the company Bras & Mattos Monument Co sets me a tombstone and I immediately lose the desire.
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    Tao Jones already mentioned the point about a living death, but aside from that it's a fallacy to single out one variable and say can this kill you or not. The real question is can it in combination with other conditions cause damage in some way. While some people may be fit and healthy otherwise and not even bother them mentally I'll bet that's in the minority, and is certainly not most whether they're aware or not - and this addidction can interact with other addictions and unhealthy behavior.

    Whether the lifespan is shortened is besides the point, there's the idea of wellspan, vs. illspan or wellbeing vs. illbeing. Both can be equal length but the quality of life can suck greatly or be well.
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