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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by KuzTekken, May 20, 2019.

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    Hello I am 19 years old, single, and struggling with porn addictions. I want to know how to end my addiction for good because I struggle mentally and physically with PMO. I started discovering porn a the age of 13 and it's been a roll coaster ever since. There has been days when I have gone 50 days without masutrbating or even 90 days but no more than 90 days. I watch too much porn on my phone and I don't have a license yet so I cannot go and drive outside and talk to people. Please give me any tips that'll help, thanks.
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    Try restricting porn on your laptop and phone. I usually watch porn on my phone too so I would say to go on youtube and find videos that show you how to restrict porn, sorry I dont know any website restricting filters but youtube has some good ones. If that doesn't work, then you should try watching NoFap motivation vids on youtube whenever you get the urge to fap, they are really effective imo. These tips helped me out a lot and if you need any other help then lmk
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  3. Only use your phone when you have to, avoid social media as that can be triggering. Meditation and cold showers help. always practice hobbies when you can.
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    You can stop! You just got to put your mind to it
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    Oh yes!! Of course we can stop! We must to fight.
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    If your phone is a source of trouble, don't use it for browsing. Yeah, its easier said than done, but not using your phone to just browse around the internet IS possible. Blockers, filters, and screens work can help, but they are not fail-safe. You still have to make an effort for them to be most effective.

    When you go browsing and looking around the 'web for things that catch your attention, you are heading into dangerous territory. When we go looking for trouble - and idle browsing is looking for trouble - we'll often find it and the results won't be good.

    If you can't do blockers or filters, and if you are having trouble avoiding browsing, the other thing to consider is taking a one to two week "time-out" with no screens. No phone, computer, tablet, or other electronic screen that you can use for browsing. Then see how you feel.

    There are lots of other things than PMO that you can do. Think about how you can spend your time in a constructive way. If you need suggestions, ask.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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    i can tell you something but dont get angry social media is not part of my life BTW
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    Good. That is at least one thing you don't have to deal with.

    What are you doing about the things that DO trigger you ?

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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    hmmmmm Women's clothes are interesting(in real life ) and im trying look at ground instead look their clothes and this thing is good. this just why im keeping a good feelings
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    Hello! im at Day 4

    Im 30 y/o and used to heavily masturbate over and over.

    You know whats keeps me free? motivation of sucess.

    Im not used to be with lot of womans, actually, now it most be more than a year since I go to bed with one.

    But recently, a girl has started to chase me. Definitely shes too much for me, but you know why she is chasing me? because I meet her with a 7 days streak on my back.

    And now, i want all my power back, to have this power that makes nice girls to want me.

    You should do that too.
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    There is no one size fits all cure. And, like many of us, you are probably dealing with a variety of issues.
    I was seeing a psychologist for 9 years before I even thought about speaking to her about my addiction. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but how I wish I had told her much sooner. I do not believe anyone can do it without opening up to at least one more person. And willpower is dandy, but without strategies that you have to follow and be accountable to, it is likely you (or anyone) will fail. How I wish I'd heard this advice and followed it when I was younger. PMO will result in a life that falls very far short of its potential. You can do it, but you gotta get real.
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