Causes of death grip?

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    Guys could anyone please explain to me what is death grip and what causes it. I have been Masturbating dry and while lying down and now I have developed hourglass penis which shrinks at the shaft of the penis. But when my penis fully becomes erected the hourglass shaped disappears. Is this a symptom of death grip.

    How can I cure this please I need help?

  2. Hi. I hope you are better.

    Do not masturbate. Masturbating is not really good. The idea is that you enjoy your sexual desires in a certain opportunity with a partner.

    Masturbation can cause physical damage if you do it frequently or if you do it by holding your penis too hard.

    A vagina will never damage a penis, on the contrary, our hands can be very aggressive and we can injure ourselves.

    I often hear that penis injuries from vigorous masturbation heal by giving up masturbation.

    I hope you don't masturbate again. If you decide to do it, I advise you to do it very little, very moderately: once every three months or even once every six months. Nothing else.

    I hope you get better in case you haven't healed your injury yet.
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