Currently Workin' Out as an escape mechanism?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by goten24, Feb 12, 2020 at 10:41 AM.

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    Last few, I've been doing this. Always workin' out to escape reality. Currently unemployed, had two(!) interviews for the same job - for a great one actually. But I'm currently expecting another call. Last week's monday(3rd february) is when I had the 2nd interview, they say they would give me a call on friday. Still waiting by now.

    The bad thing about this, is that I have my life in standby. I know I should have a plan B, incase I don't get this. Thing is, I don't wanna get a fuckin' shitty job and I'm relying all my hopes and expections on this on and it could backfire in case I don't get it. If they hire someone else instead, it will hurt.

    The days of the week are always the same.

    I live in a small town, where I pretty much see the same faces everyday. I have no gf, no driving license(I'm very ashamed of this as I'm 25y), no job currently and also have porn addiction. I'm always relapsing, haven't beat my longest streak yet which is honestly pretty weak IMO (14 days) - I'm currently on my 3rd day. Could have opened a tab and just do the same as before, but I'm choosing not to.

    I avoid getting drunk, getting high. I always try to eat healthy, last month I was just running(went 21x in January), but this month I been lifting weights at home. But that's all I do.

    I barely talk to people all day. Every single day, I just prepare my clothes, watching videos, listening to podcasts to stay motivated to go. And that's it.

    I feel like I rely on endorphins too much to escape how depressing my life is. I know it could be worse, at least I'm choosing an healthy way to cope with all my problems.

    Does anyone relate somehow?
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    What is it you want to do in life? If you could do anything?
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    I can't say I can totally relate but it does sound like your life pretty much sucks these days. If I can be completely blunt, I think you need a total change of scenery. If there's any way you can financially swing getting out of that town and going someplace else that's bigger, you should do it. You don't have a job or a girlfriend so what's to keep you there? From one point of view you have very few options but from another the world is wide open to you. I hope you get that job but if you don't I would take it as a sign you should take a leap of courage and see what else is out there someplace else. Good luck, bro!
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    I do think there is something to be said for forcing yourself out of the house, if you joined a gym that’d help encourage you out the house, you can start building a routine around getting out the house, which I reckon would be helpful for you based on what you say here.

    Be kind to yourself, it’s hard sometimes, but you’ll make it
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    You have two options to fix this problem:
    -Stop working out
    -fix the rest of your life

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