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    So in the past days/weeks I had an intens craving for love. I didn't thought about sex too much but I crave love very very hard. Now I just hit day 80 and it's the other way around.

    Damn I crave sex so hard. I am horny as fuck and want to do some dirty as sex with a girl right now. Even prostitution enters my mind. This is not good, I ain't gonna do that. I crave to watch porn too but I crave more to do the act of porn myself. I want to do what I liked in porn videos in reallife and ASAP. I don't want to be like this, I liked it more when I crave love instead of lust.

    I've gone tru a lot of shit during this nofap. Intens cravings, flatlines, withdrawels, little benefits, etc.

    But mostly flatlines, withdrawels and cravings. When will I experience some benefits man. More motivation and energy would be enough to make me happy. I have no benefits where I can rely on. And that sucks because we all know how the cravings hit you, but of you had no benefits after 80days you need an incredible willpower to go on at this point. It would be so easier if I had at least one benefit what means alot to mean, but havent expierenced it yet.

    I will keep going because I NEED to know how the benefits will feel like. I just haven't yet and it is my goal to experience this after all these struggles.

    I also failed my own rule. When a craving hit you need to stay away from the thought before 5seconds. I let it enter my mind which was stupid from me. But I got myself together thank god and stayed strong.

    When do I experience some got damn benefits :(. Motivation and energy would be enough to keep me motivated.
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    Keep going untill day 90 and then to replace the habit of PMO with something else like daily running or excersise.
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    The struggle is real. I hear you loud and clear. Your future love, whoever he or she may be, are also very appreciative, even if they don't know it yet.

    It may not feel like it - hell, it may feel like the complete *opposite* - but you are helping yourself heal. And that hurts. A lot. It is a brave and noble thing you are doing, and nobody can take that from you. Be proud of yourself, whether you are on day 1, day 8, or day 80.

    I feel your pain. I do.
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    Thanks for the support guys! I appreciate it.

    Yeah, I need to stay strong. I think the fact that I havent had a girl or watch pmo is hitting me in the face.

    At day 90 I really need to focus on some exercising and eating healthier to get myself a healthy form of dopamine.

    To be honest, I did expect some benefits faster to come for me. I just PMO 4 to 7 days a week in the past so thats a lot less then other Fapstronaut who experienced benefits before day 90. Maybe I am one of the unlucky people who need to recover longer.
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