Dear Day Ninety Nine

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by The Prince of Persia, May 4, 2017.

  1. The Prince of Persia

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    Day99 :
    Heeeyyy guys it's the Day 99.
    I actually feel great nowdays
    The Urges are so weak and less
    And They are in my control.
    I'm truly grateful for This weak, because I didn't have any bullshit wet dream.
    It's a massive success for me. My confidence has increased. I can sleep better. My faith has increased. My relationships with my friends and my family especially my mom gets better. I feel the best days are coming. I can work on my scientific project better. I've had some success in financial aspect.
    My attitude about women gets better. My face is clear and clean from any bullshit rash.
    And you guys
    YOU CAN Make it happen
    You will make it happen
    Because You are amazing!
    Just trust in yourself and God, the forces universe i don't know whatever you think there is
    And focus on why do you want it
    Not time or how difficult it is.
    Try to be more happy, find some reason to be grateful.
    Then See what will happen to you.

    Wish all the best for you!
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  2. Congrats man! But your journey has just begun...
    Keep Fighting
  3. The Prince of Persia

    The Prince of Persia Fapstronaut

    I'll continue until reboot myself completely.
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  4. laris

    laris Fapstronaut

    Cheers, comrade!
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  5. JonathanP

    JonathanP Fapstronaut

    Your post is the perfect example of all of the things that I want to achieve! What is something you wished you would have known or done early on during your journey?
  6. The Prince of Persia

    The Prince of Persia Fapstronaut

    I think, everything changed since I started to believe that I can do it
    So I started to meditate three times a day and I listened to subliminal audio messages about being free from PMO for changing that kind of mindset.
    And then I asked a lot of questions about
    why do I want it? or
    what will happen if I quit this addiction?
    I asked these kids of questions more than 1 hour each day
    I wrote all the answers that come slowly from my mind (they are more than 30 pages)
    And then I wrote something, I thought I must pay for rebooting myself. It was like a price of something that you want to buy it.
    So I wrote all the prices that I had to pay for it. For example I wrote
    I mustn't be with people who talk about PMO
    I mustn't watch any music video
    I'll continue until I reboot myself
    I'll pay whatever it needs to be paid like time, being alone, avoiding negative thoughts and feelings
    It was like a guarantee
    These are something that I wish I would have done earlier.
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  7. Activate

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    congrats mate sounds like ur flying.

    with benefits like these why would u ever choose to go back to a disabled life? its a no brainer hey!
    im some 40 days in and all my surplus energy has been funnelled into either work, art or my woman. i feel like the gods are smiling on us. we are setting ourselves up for a great experience of our true selves.
    i feel like the temptation will always be there to a degree because it steals energy from a biological need, but the mastery over ur impulses is a gift that keeps givin

    rock on!
  8. Sanc-Hos

    Sanc-Hos Fapstronaut

    @Mehdishgrz Congratulations buddy!
    We started this journey in the same time. I understand what you are experiencing.

    Keep it going!
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  9. The Prince of Persia

    The Prince of Persia Fapstronaut

    Thanks buddy!
    Yeah and we'll arrive in our destination as soon as possible.
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