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    Currently my streak of no pmo is 112 this isn't my longest day streak but it's one that I've taken everything I've learnt from all my failure streaks and I really believe I am on the life long path of retention now. about 4 times I've experienced nightfall during this current streak. not the first time I've experienced this on a decent streak. this time around I've picked up on the "side effects" of nightfall and I relate them to the same negative effects of m or o. I've also noticed the exact time frame of when I have a nocturnal release. it's after I wake up early in the morning, go to the bathroom to go #1 and go back to bed. it doesn't happen every morning after this sequence because some days I just wake up and start my day after I go #1 in the early morning and other days I sleep in after using restroom and I just get lucky with no nightfall. im tired of rolling the dice and experiencing these nightfall side effects. I'm making a small adjustment to my routine. before I state the obvious change in the routine this last night really cemented my idea that this is the way for me to continue living without these horrible chaser/numbing effects of release. last night I dreamt I was with an old ex and we were doing karezza which I didn't even know existed when we were together. I don't release any what so ever, I know because I woke up to pee after the dream and I was all dry. I then tested the waters thinking I have now mastered not releasing in my dreams so now I can now get in a few more hours of, in hindsight, not needed sleep as I've been getting to bed around 9 and waking up to pee around 6 to 8 so I'm getting plenty hours. it all leads back to gluteny in a way. Anyway, I falsely believe I can sleep another hour without a release(rolling the dice) and bam it hits me full nightfall with ex in dream now today I feel the chaser effects. what I've learned is to get the hell out of bed when you have to pee and start your day no matter how early as long as your getting to bed around 9pm sleep as much as you want but if you ha e to use the bathroom when you wake up the first time DO NOT go back to sleep(if you care about retaining in every controllable way possible). if I in the future(this hasn't happened yet) get nightfall during my sleep from 9pm to when ever I naturally wake up in the early morning then I will just count that as my body needed to release excess but I feel like shit on days that i get these releases after I go back to bed for an hour after using the bathroom in the early early morning. maybe its because i know it happens during a time i can prevent/not put my self in that exact state of predicament. So yeah I'm starting my days from now on the first time I wake up in the morning there is no snooze button for me anymore. Goodnight and Goodluck survivors.
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