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  1. Sanjoo6

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    I am 21 days into NoFap and I'm horribly depressed and my anxiety has shot through the roof. I feel weak and exhausted all the time. Has anyone else experienced this? Would like to know how long this goes on for some of you.
  2. p1n1983

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    Maybe is the flatline, read about it in the fourm.
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  3. Yes, i do.
    Is very awful and it can last for weeks. Eventually goes away tho
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  4. Awedouble

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    Whether it's flatline or not we can only guess, and I think this is the problem with only counting days - that's not nearly enough information to make any kind of accurate projection. It stands to reason basic things like age and sex will matter, how long someone was in PMO before attempting a reboot and so forth.

    And even if it is flatline, that doesn't tell you much. These are very general, round about descriptions.

    Instead of trying to project what it'll be like in the future, I say think of things you can do to improve your mood - even if it's a little. Even if you know how long it'll last that doesn't really help, it helps in that you have an expectation that it will end. But does it just end 100% one day when you wake up? You can't count on that. But if you work on it it may end faster instead of hoping at day X or so it'll go away on its own, even if it's little by little.
  5. Looks like you repressed negative emotions with pmo. Now they are coming back. But it's a good sign
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  6. YHH

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    I'm at 41 days NoFap
    I'm in depression but I don't know if it's due to nofap or I'm depressed( I think I have the disease )
    Anxiety is better I think because of no work pressure due to quarantine.

    However did something Very stupid today I billed a wrong amount to a client and he may refuse to pay the correct amount !!!!!
    So yeah good day !!!!!!!
  7. NeedSomeHelp2

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    Everyone is different. Everyone is sad depressed and exhausted sometimes. There is no good solution or equation to say when this will go away.
    All you can do, is to get to know yourself, and get to know what makes you happy or sad. You didn't say anything about yourself. Do you have hobbies? friends? family? loved one? What do you try to achieve in life? Whats the goal?
    Small steps! Each day you should find something that makes you feel better. Something little. Something that gets you closer to your goal. Just a little...
    Also if you feel stuck and you cannot get out of the situation, you should see a doctor. Although medications and anti depressant doesn't solve anything in your life, they could get rid of some unnecesarry sadness that holds you back from achieving things.

    Good luck at getting better!
  8. d34dly

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    It is the exact same for me, after 3 weeks depression and anxiety have kicked in in full force. For me I am sure there are issues other then NoFap contributing to this, but since it came so sudden its a good bet that NoFap also has to do with this. Do Seek medical help if you need it, but maybe it also helps to know that this happens to other people (even on the same timeframe) as well
  9. Dontwantporn

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    I have also experienced it and its basically withdrawal symptoms in PMO. The brain releases chemicals called endorphins which gives one that high, but afterwards (PMO) it stops releasing them so what you have which happens to all is no different to withdrawal symptoms. The other side to this is psychological in regards to self worth maybe even self loathing because that has to do with a sense of self worth/acceptance and in a way its we judge ourselves by our own actions the negative side is again you me or anyone who realises that what they had done was not what they should do and so we we go on a guilt trip thinking that we are the most fucked up people ever but we all know thats not the case. As for how long the weak exhausted feeling lasts that depends on the individual could be 2 weeks to a month maybe even two months but the sooner you do other things that inhance your good attributes and bring out the better person in you the better you will be our actions if not careful in controlling them can become self-fullfilling prophecies. If you need to chat I'm here start by accepting that what you did as we all do from time to time; start by accepting what you did was wrong while at the same time the good points about you; one being that you recognize what you did was wrong and that you want to change and become a better person. As i said I'm here if you want to chat
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  10. Мобильный

    Мобильный Fapstronaut

    I'd suggest to see things that way: you have been ditching your emoting into the far corner of your brain with the help of porn. Embrace these feelings, however terrible they may seem, because discomfort is the fuel for change. It will get better after some time. Work on your mind and your mind will work for you.
  11. IbrahimViking

    IbrahimViking Fapstronaut

    It will stop as soon as you stop treating your feelings (so, essentially, yourself in the moment) as vermin.
    Plain and simple.
  12. Dontwantporn

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    Hi IbrahimViking how was your day today
  13. sam30

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    Does yoru anxiety happen during the night?
  14. sam30

    sam30 Fapstronaut

    I am on day 13. Feeling abit low during the day. I am also having slight sleep apnea and anxiety at night. Would this be part of the flat line. When it gets to the morning i am very tired also.
  15. Ekalb

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    Yes I have gone through that too. Let me ask you this, what happens when you workout your body to the point of exhaustion and then you rest?

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