Diary of a Wimpy Guy

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  1. dieincognito

    dieincognito Fapstronaut

    Hi guys!

    This is my diary - the diary of a weak guy. I will start the restoration from tomorrow and will try to deal with you with real finds, which I have designated for myself in order to pass these 90 days.

    I will share here my feelings and impressions about every day. I know that there are many like me and you ask, what can I give you what others do not write?

    I propose to consider the problem from different angles, from different points of view and religions. Yes, here I will write more from the point of view of religion, since a believer will always be stronger than a non-believer, as Blaise Pascal said.

    Here you will find many Luche stories that I found in old books and sources. I will try the methods that they suggest in their stories. Perhaps these will be quite ascetic experiences, but I think that it is worth it anyway.

    Good luck to everyone and see you on the first day!

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  2. Abel100%

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    Éxitos, sin duda, el modo difícil de abstinencia de Pmo, es la mejor forma de lograr beneficios más significativos...

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