Does dating during reboot lead to relapse?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Borntoshine33, Apr 24, 2019.

Do you think dating during reboot increase urges to relapse

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  1. Borntoshine33

    Borntoshine33 Fapstronaut

    Hello everyone
    I am 62 days pmo free but that doesn't mean i don't struggle with urges to M almost every week... I guess continuously engaging in this behavior for years has altered my perception of relationship... Every single boy i seemed to be interested in all these years within a week i begin to fantasize about him sometimes sexually and that led to relapse... I have never been in relationship mainly because of spiritual reasons so that prevented me doing some stupid stuff... But there is a boy in my class who I like... I am generally shy so I don't talk to guys a lot but lately i have been thinking about him a lot and I guess that is messing up with my reboot.... Like on days I think about him I have to overcome stronger urges as compared to days I do not think of him.. I am not fantasizing about him sexually yet but somewhat romantically even that is messing up with my brain and dopamine.... What do you suggest should I stop thinking about him altogether and focus on reboot...
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  2. OnTheEdge

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    You can use this as a motivation not to masturbate i.e. if it is your serious goal to date him, relapsing may harm that chance. In my personal situation, I am using dating as a way of trying to improve myself and I have found that relapsing made me feel worse on the dates. I am now using it as a motivation NOT to relapse. On the other hand, if you don't see yourself actually wanting to date him then it's probably a good idea to stop thinking about him.
  3. Borntoshine33

    Borntoshine33 Fapstronaut

    Well i think I am not that serious about him so I probably should stop thinking about him...thanks for the advice
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