does smoking affect memory?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by deadrole7, Oct 20, 2015.

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    I started smoking some time ago because my friends did (like most smokers).
    I've seen good improvements in my memory and concentration since my attempts to quit PMO.But I'm curious about whether smoking has an effect on your cognitive function i.e memory, concentration & clarity of mind or not?

    I feel like PMO is somehow easier for me to quit, because it's something personal for most of us.But I have a hard time quitting cigarettes; mainly because my closest friends are smokers and we gather together once or twice a week to talk.Any advice?
    and also, "Looking for new, nonsmoker friends" is not an option, because these are my band members and we do music together; so we are always in touch with eachother.

    The main thing I'm concerned about in regards to smoking (other than health issues) is my memory and my studies...and I really wonder if cigarettes have damaging effects on my long & short term memory & concentration or not.
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    I can't remember :rolleyes:
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    Yes it does affect memory.Smoking harms memory by reducing the amount of oxygen that gets to the brain.
    Also:illicit drugs can change chemicals in the brain that can make it hard to recall memories.
    As does pmo.which also causes brain fog
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    I second david-ca. It's the beginning effects of hypertensive activity and also a misdirection and occlusion of blood flow and oxygen messed up by the constant trauma to your mouth, throat, lungs and immune system that all impede memory. Some people have said that smoking improves their focus, but it's only because the withdrawal effects of not having a cigarette cause such mental chaos when you're not having a cigarette. PMO, too, "improves focus", only it's focus on the wrong things - after being unable to concentrate on anything but porn throughout the day. It improves memory, but only memory of porn sites and actresses. Smoking reminds you of more smoking. But that scattered brain will recompose for focus and memory of the things you truly choose to remember as long as you persist through the brain fog without feeding the monster. The monster is a con artist and will promise to leave you in peace if you just give him another cigarette, but, as you know too well, he will never really leave you alone. After increasingly brief retirements, he is always back for more until he has taken way, way too much from you.

    See how much he has taken already.

    Try to run a mile. Try to do an aerobic workout. Try to climb five flights of stairs and see how your circulation feels.

    It's not just lung cancer down the road that it can do to you, it's diabetes, weird complications that seem totally unrelated to smoking. My aunt just had her leg amputated due to persistent poor circulation. She's smoked for as long as I can remember.

    But you know these things already and they're not why you smoke. You smoke for the reasons you smoke and reasons why a lot of other people, including former smokers, have smoked. What are those reasons, and are they really true?

    A lot of people have raved about Allen Carr's book, The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Check it out, because it may offer the kind of cure that allows you to spend time with your band mates without actually feeling the social pressure to smoke. You can let them do their thing while doing your thing, codependent no more, while focusing on the truly important things in your time together - true friendship and real music. Here's a video Carr's company produced. It's got Polish subtitles, but it's spoken in English.

    All the best to you, friend!

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