Dopamine detox challenge.

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  1. This is dopamine detox challenge. If you went some time without dopamine sources, just comment below. Share your experiences, insights.
    Rules (copied from this site
    • No electronics (no phone, Netflix, laptop or video games etc.)
    • No reading of books or magazines
    • No sex or masturbation
    • No food
    • No music or podcasts
    • No coffee or other stimulants

    Things you CAN do:
    • Write (with pen and paper)
    • Meditate
    • Go for walks
    • Do deep thinking
    • Visualize
    • Drink water

    I'm starting my 24-hour dopamine detox challenge.
    By the way, you're absolutely welcome to switch things around with changing rules, but those rules above are in my opionion more effective.

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  2. 24 hour dopamine detox. Will share my experience after more than 24 hours.
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    I recently went 3 weeks hardly using my phone. It was a big deal as I have struggled with excessive phone use since I got a smartphone (10 years ago).
    I definitely felt more urges to do healthier activities, such as making music, and it was a more genuine urge as well. I slipped up at Christmas with YouTube binge and some porn but back on 90 no pmo including as little phone use as possible, I'm hopeful for good results
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    Thats awesome
  5. I think this is cool, here is a couple thoughts I have on it.

    1. Reading is fine, it is extremely healthy for the brain and it helps your attention span, some things are good to do on a detox.

    2. I recommend green tea, it’s ok to have some mild stimulants like that daily, and it is extremely healthy.

    3. I went through boot camp about almost 2 years ago and as you can imagine that is an extreme detox, afterwords my frisson chills were so strong that it felt like my whole body was being consumed by it, and not to mention just my appreciation for nature and everything around me, during this time I had green tea daily, read my bible, it’s truly ok to have some thing that are natural and healthy, you do not want to totally deprive yourself.
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