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  1. The desire to masturbate takes energy. The same energy is required for other tasks: work, baking, creativity, whatever the physical body does.

    We all know we are great at masturbating, in fact, we are damn good, the best. So, we have a lot of energy, and we know how to direct it when we want something.

    We know we don’t want PMO, we don’t want masturbating. So redirect your desire into something else. We already know we will be good at it if we want to, since we have shown persistence before in masturbating. It’s the same energy. Energy does not look different when going through your veins when masturbating or driving a car, painting or singing.

    Go love something this world has to offer. Learn new skills and love them more than masturbating. This will bring you success. There will be ups and downs, just keep going. Unplug, go outside with bare feet and get grounded, plant a vegetable garden. Focus on your breathing and take it one day at a time. It all comes from the same energy source, You. We are pure energy and light. Shine bright today.
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  2. I don't know if you know meditation, but I have been for several years, I think I should stop meditating, and wiat for the effects of no M or o to kick in, the alertness and clearer thinking more energy extra, ithink I was using a mediation to keep doing my adictions in a way.
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  3. Hi SolidStance, really enjoyed reading your post. I agree qith you that we have to use our "excess" energy elsewhere before it is manifested in bad things like PMO
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  4. I have been meditating 5 days a week for one hour, for 8 years.

    In the beginning we struggle with meditation because our subconscious mind, the part that keeps all the incoming data, has not been cleared up. There are too many experiences that we haven't come to terms with yet, so they pop up in front of our silence as we try to sit still.

    For successful meditation to happen, we must resolve the impressions in the back of our mind. When resolved, they no longer disturb us and we can finally actually meditate. Until then we just bounce our awareness in the mind, going from thought to thought to thought, never actually fully thinking about one till its end.
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  5. Thanks Shad0w.

    Yes, as humans we have an extreme amount of energy. Once this is tapped into, we become unstoppable. A good example of this is the brain scientist world now agreeing with quantum mechanics. There are brain scientists who now can see that we really do create our life because of the way we think and what we tell ourselves.

    Also, the excess energy that goes unused throughout the day triggers wet dreams. Once that energy is sufficiently redirected away from the sexual nature, wet dreams no longer occur.
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