Eventually I'll want to orgasm

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Jrmz94, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Jrmz94

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    Let's be real. Nobody wants to completely get rid of masturbation forever but how do I jerk off maybe every once in a while without falling into an addiction. Any advice? I'm on day 3.
  2. Dragon Silver

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    Could you reword your question? Thank you.
  3. userSCP

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    During the 90+ days you do abstain, make positive behavior changes. Set yourself up to be a good mate for females post-reboot.
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  4. Fenix Rising

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    Jesus Christ, you're on day 3 and you'll already thinking of jerking off "eventually"? Do at least 90 days of monk mode (I recommend +6) and then start thinking how to develop healthy sexual life. Until then focus on recovery 100 %.
  5. smoke_ash

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    There are a few advices here https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/rebooting-porn-use-faqs/what-about-masturbation-without-porn/
    Shortly speaking, if you can manage to do this not excessively and without fantasizing about porn, there's nothing wrong. But a lot of guys decide to abstain from PMO all together because they feel it's more efficient. It worked for me to jack off a couple of times during a reboot, without really imagining anything. Totally different experience than PMO and gives real relief. But sometimes I can't hold back from falling into sexual fantasies and it's a slippery road. I'm not entirely sure what is better yet.
  6. DeepParkWater

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    Id like to get rid of masturbation. Gives me more energy to focus on more important goals. Id realized after my last relapse a lot of my fire is gone after PMO. On my last streak i had more gusto in every aspect of my life. I felt kore energy at the gym, depression was fading, outlook on life improved, began focusing/planning and then executing on long term goals. Having the release kind of killed that for me. But hey everyones different
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  7. Enwar

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    You don't need to masturbate like you need to eat food, drink water, or sleep. If you stop thinking about it, you'll forget about eventually. Masturbation is a bad habit; abstain until you don't want to do it anymore.
  8. Infrasapiens

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    Of course I would like to orgasm again, but with a woman. Using my hand it seems so low to me now.
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